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Quilter's Paradise - Free Binding Calculator

    Binding Calculator This calculator calculates the amount of fabric required to bind your quilt given the quilt's dimensions (width and length) and the binding strip width. The calculator provides 2 calculations: "Regular" binding - this is where the binding strips are cut parallel to the width of fabric on a bolt of fabric.

Quilt Binding Calculator

    This quilt binding calculator is a tool that will help you estimate how much binding fabric you need to finish your quilt …

Binding Calculator — Sweet Pixel Quilts

    The calculator tells you how many binding strips to cut and how much fabric to order for straight-cut (not bias-cut) binding. It also takes into account loss when connecting your …

Binding Calculator – Cut Sew Quick

    This calculator will tell you how much fabric you need to bind a quilt, and exactly how many strips you need to cut. Directions Complete the form to calculate the amount of fabric needed to bind your quilt. Enter the width …

Quilt Binding Calculator by Needlepointers.com

    To calculate the binding for a quilt, the binding calculator takes the inputs of the quilt dimensions, size of the binding strip, fabric width and sewing of straight/mitered seams. Simply enter your quilt measurements …

Quilt Backing & Binding Calculator

    Enter the dimensions into the calculator: the shorter edge as width, and the longer edge as length. Determine the usable width of your bolt of fabric. Establish if your fabric is directional. We always add 4 …

Binding Calculator - Scissortail Quilting

    Below is a handy calculator to help you figure out how much quilt binding you need to prepare and how much fabric it will take to make it. The calculator works in inches or …

Quilt Binding Calculator - DDD Designs

    Binding Calculator. Quilt Width in Inches. Quilt Length in Inches. Width of Fabric (WOF) on Bolt (minus selvage) Binding Strip Width in Inches. Calculate Copy Link to These …

Binding Calculator and Tutorial - OklaRoots

    Lay your quilt with binding open. Mark a spot in the center of the opening, on the quilt. Take your binding on the left side, and lay over the pin. Mark (binding width)/2 to the right of the pin. [If using 2.5 inch …

How to Calculate Quilt Binding Fabric Requirements: 9 …

    You will just need your quilt, a ruler or measuring tape, and a calculator to figure out your fabric needs for quilt binding. Part 1 …

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