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HVAC Ductwork Sizing (with Calculator): How to Size Air Ducts …

    Here is the Ductwork Sizing Calculator: Ductwork Sizing Calculator Payment options Duct Size Chart Do your own calculations and compare them to our chart – or use the chart for quick, accurate calculations for duct size based on CFM needed for a room. One size is given for round ducts, its diameter. See more


    Free online ductulator for sizing of HVAC ducts.

Duct Size: Helpful Ductwork Sizing Chart | Riley Sales

    The Digitized Ductulator is a free online calculator for sizing HVAC ducts. Use it in one of two ways; either enter the duct size to find the equivalent CFM, or input the CFM to find …

Online Ductulator - Ocean HVAC

    Size by: Friction rate Velocity Friction Rate: per 100 ft. in/wg Duct TEL : ft. * include fittings in the Duct TEL Enter either: CFM: or Duct Size: CFM: Convert Rectangular duct to …

Duct Size Ductulator | Adicot, Inc.

    Adicot, Inc.'s online duct size calculator helps you determine the optimal size for your ductwork, ensuring maximum airflow and efficiency. Input your measurements and receive instant results for an easy and accurate …

Rectangular Duct Sizing (SI Units) - calcuduct

    QUICK-GUIDE Select the duct material from the drop-down list (most duct sizing tools are typically based on galvanised steel ducting by default) Enter the air flowrate in litres/second (can change to cubic metres/second by …

Ducts Sizing - the Velocity Reduction Method

    Sizing Ducts Sizes of ducts are then given by the continuity equation like: A = q / v (1) where A = duct cross sectional area (m2) q = air flow rate (m3/s) v= air speed (m/s) Alternatively in Imperial units Ai = 144 qi / vi …

Ductcalc.Ca Ductulator

    Duct Size Calculator Ductulator is an engineering tool to calculate air duct dimensions based on given inputs including air-flow, duct material roughness and either air pressure static loss (friction method) or air …


    Flex duct = .05" on most metal duct calculator Round metal pipe = .06" on most metal duct calculators FIELD DUCT SIZING CHART Rectangular sheet metal duct = .07" on …

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