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Dick Size Calculator | Calculate Penis Size Statistics

    Your dick size is about as common as guys of these heights. You would be 5 feet, 9 inches tall if your length percentile was your height percentile. You would be 5 feet, 9 inches tall …

calcSD - Penis Size Percentile Calculator

    Welcome to calcSD, a lightweight website made so you can easily estimate the rarity of specific dick sizes. All numbers displayed on this page are statistical expectations based …

How to Measure Penis Length and Girth - Verywell Health

    Getting an accurate measurement of the penis girth is important as U.S. manufacturers will also categorize their condom sizes based on the circumference of your penis by inches …

Your Penile Size Comparison - How do You Compare to Other …

    According to studies done by SizeMeUp.info, the average male-unit size is as follows: The hard male-unit is 5.75" (14.61cm) long. The hard male-unit is 4.67" (11.87cm") in width. …

PENDEX - How do YOU measure up?

    The Pendex makes it possible to determine the size of your penis in relation to your body size. The Pendex is the most advanced form of penis measurement. The Pendex for the …

Calculate how large is your penis compared to the average

    This calculation allows you to compare the size of the penis compared to this average and get answers in terms of where on the curve it ends (in the form of percentile). You can …


    Sizeup.me. A website created to allow people to determine what one person's height looks like compared to another. Allows you to scale both analogues independently! Body. …

How Rare Are Large Dicks? - Dick Calculator

    5.5 Inches 5.5 inches is exactly the average dick length. If you had to guess the dick size of a random guy, 5.5 inches would be a pretty safe bet. In fact, around 54% of all men on …

How to Measure Your Dick - Dick Calculator

    Girth (Circumference) 1. Get fully hard. 2. Wrap a tailor’s tape around your dick. 3. Alternatively, use a piece of string and then measure the length of string that wrapped …

How Long is My Schlong?

    Simply place in your measurements, and you'll be told what percentile you're in!

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