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Genshin Damage Calculator - Build & Artifact Management

    Genshin Damage is an unofficial web application that makes it easy to calculate damage and manage your builds and artifacts. You can compare the output damage of your builds graphically. Damage Calculator Build and Artifact Management Importing Artifact Damage Comparison Damage Calculator

GI Damage Calculator - GitHub Pages

    - This App is for calculating DMG a Character in game Genshin Impact can do with their attacks in a specific scenario (Setup). It is not affiliated with or endorsed by miHoYo. - …

Damage Calculator | Genshin Damage

    Damage calculation app for Genshin Impact with damage calculations, build creation and comparison tools available. You can also save your builds and artifacts! Loading...

Genshin Damage Calculator & Visualizer

    Genshin Damage Calculator & Visualizer is a tool aimed to visualize the damage number and damage buff of characters in Genshin Impact. Homepage Atlas for Genshin Impact …

Damage Calculator - Genshin Center

    Damage Calculator - Genshin Center An update is available. Please close all instances of Genshin Center in order to get the updated version. CENTER English Home Characters …

Damage Calculator | Genshin Impact Version 3.5

    Damage Calculator. Traveler.gg. June 6, 2021. Tools. This is a fan built, third party character optimizer by ImpactG. It helps you find the best items, artifact sets, and substat options for your characters. Min …

Genshin Impact Calculator

    Genshin Impact Calculator Albedo Level / 20 i Attack 1 +0 i Elemental skill 1 +0 i Elemental Burst 1 +0 Constellation 0 +0 Calcite Might A1 Transient Blossoms generated by …

Damage Calculator - Genshin Damage Maximizer

    Damage Calculator. Character Level (whole number) Enemy Level (whole number) Skill Multiplier (% as decimal) Enemy Resist (% as decimal) Attack (whole number) Elemental …

Genshin Impact Calculator - Genshin-Builds.com Wiki Database

    GenshinBuilds is a Database, Tier List, and Guide for Genshin Impact on PC, mobile and consoles. GenshinBuilds is not endorsed by miHoYo Co Ltd. and does not reflect the …

Genshin Impact: Best Mika Build Guide - gamerant.com

    2 days ago · Mika Builds - Best Artifacts. The best artifact set for Mika in Genshin Impact depends on the player's desired playstyle and the availability of certain artifact sets. …

Damage Calculator Genshin & other calculators

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