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Can A 20 Year Old Date A 17 Year Old? (Yes, But…)

    What Contact Between A 20 Year Old and 17 Year Old Is Illegal? As noted above, the “dating” part of the interaction between someone 20 and someone 17 isn’t illegal, per se. Unless the 20 year …

Is there a problem for a 20 year old to date a 17 year old?

    A 17 year old isnt the same as a 13 year old. 17 and 20 is a 3 year age gap and thats okay in my opinion. If youre asking about sexual stuff, look at your laws. The age of consent …

Age Difference Calculator 📅 - Age Gap Calculator

    The study found that women’s preferences remain consistent with age, and across all five levels of ...

Is it right for a 20 year old to talk to a 17 year old? - Quora

    The 17 yr old is still in high school, while the 20 yr old is a year or two out of high school. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but is a lot in the way their life is structured. Wait two years …

20-year-old guy and 17-year-old girl - ok to date? : r/relationships

    20-year-old guy and 17-year-old girl - ok to date? So I met this girl a while back at a music festival in late July and we've seen each other a few times since and I think she's …

Can a 20 year old (guy) date a 17 year old (girl)? - AskMen

    “we both agreed the age of consent is 17 yrs old.” Not sure where you’re from, but federal laws in the USA establish 18 as the age of consent for intimate activities. Having said …

Age Gap Relationships: Are They Ever OK? - BuzzFeed

    20. "I feel age is a false metric in a way. As people date and learn and grow in life, there is no guarantee anyone will stay together. The age gap is another variable for …

Age 20 dating a 17 year old : r/Advice - reddit.com

    A 17 year old has significantly less responsibility and care for the future. Yes 3 years isn’t a lot but it’s at 2 insanely important stages of life and they both have completely different …

Age Calculator

    The age calculator calculates age given a date of birth in years, months and days. You can also use this calculator to find length of time between two dates. The age calculator finds the age time span in years months and …

Is it illegal to date a 17 year old if your 20 - Legal Answers - Avvo

    Is it illegal to date a 17 year old if your 20 Me and this girl have been talking for awhile More Ask a lawyer - it's free! 4 attorney answers Posted on May 23, 2017 This …

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