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Yard Clean-Up Cost | Yard Cleaning Prices - Fixr.com

    The average cost to hire a yard clean-up service is between $200 and $500. The average homeowner pays about $350 for a ¼ acre yard clean-up, including leaf and …

How Much Does Yard Clean-up Cost in 2023? - Lawn Care Blog


    Cost to Maintain Lawn - 2023 Cost Calculator (Customizable)

      The basic cost to Maintain a Lawn is $0.12 - $0.55 per square foot in February 2023, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC …

    2023 Leaf Removal Costs — Leaf Cleanup & Blowing …

      Yard cleanup costs $125 to $400 for the average lawn or $850 to $2,000 per acre, depending on the yard size, services needed, and season. Yard cleanup includes tree debris removal, garden, …

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