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LTL Shipping Quotes, Status & Account Login | XPO

    Density and Class Calculator Accurate shipment density and class will improve your rate quote accuracy and the overall shipping experience. To calculate the density and class for your shipment, measure the length, width and height of the shipment, including packaging and pallet dimensions and enter into the form below.

LTL Shipping Quotes, Status & Account Login | XPO

    You can trust XPO's Less-Than-Truckload capabilities to maximize your shipping efforts to take advantage of the fastest transit times for the size of your freight

LTL.XPO.com Login - XPO Logistics

    XPO Logistics. Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Register Now..

Freight Density Calculator | Freight Class Calculator

    How do you calculate freight density and freight class? First, you should measure the shipment's length, width, and height with packaging or pallets. Multiply all …

Density Calculator - TForce Freight

    Density Calculator Calculate Density by: Handling Unit Weight Total Weight by Handling Units Total Weight Totals by Handling Unit 1 Length (in)a Width (in)a Height (in)a Weight …

Density Calculator - Central Transport

    To calculate the density, measure the length, width, and height (including the pallet) of each handling unit, and enter it below with weight per unit. If you don't know the density …

Freight Class Density Calculator [w/ Freight Class Chart]

    Density = Weight / Volume The freight density of your package refers to how heavy it is relative to the amount of space it consumes. A lot of commodities commonly shipped …

Freight Class Calculator

    The density calculations start with Length x Width x Height so if you start with a pallet that is 25% wider than you need the rate will often come in higher than it has to since the class …

Density Calculator | Estes

    Next, convert the inches total to cubic feet by dividing 56,028 by 1,728 = 32.42 cubic feet. The density then equals the weight 120 (90 pounds for the shipment and approximately …

Calculate cargo density - National Logistics Network, LLC

    Cargo Density Calculator Tools Cargo Density Calculator Calculate Cargo Density This tool calculates feet, meters, lb/cubic ft, kg/cubic m, and classes based on given values. …

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