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Genshin Impact Wish Counter | Pity Calculator

    The pity system in Genshin Impact essentially ensures that you receive certain ranks of characters after wishing a certain number of times(usually 10, 80 or 90 times). Pity can be tracked by clicking the History button on the Wish page. From there, just count the number of pulls since your last 5-star item.

Wish Counter - Paimon.moe

    Genshin Impact Wish Counter to track your pity counter and track when you get the character or weapon. You can also automatically import the logs and backup it from PC, …


    Your best Genshin Impact companion! Paimon.moe helps you plan what to farm with an ascension calculator, and it also tracks your progress with a todo list and a wish …

Pity System Guide - Genshin Impact Wiki Guide - IGN

    The Pity system exists to snuff a little of the uncertainty out of the Gacha system. Basically, after a certain number of rolls, players are guaranteed to get a high …

Genshin Impact banner history calculation: how to find out Pity …

    To calculate Pity, all the player has to do is count every non-5-star item since the last 5-star item. These were the basic Pity numbers to remember: Soft-Pity: 74 …

Genshin Impact Tools - HotGames.GG

    Welcome to Genshin Tools by HotGames.GG. Genshin Pity Counter. Character Banner-- / 90. Weapon Banner-- / 80. Standard Banner-- / 90. Sync Wish History. Join Us On …

Calculator - Paimon.moe

    Go To Character Calculator Weapon Calculator Calculate Ascension Material? Current Weapon Level, EXP, & Ascension Intended Weapon Level & Ascension Resources to …

yeetus-skeetus/genshin-pity-calculator - GitHub

    Genshin Impact Pity Calculator Usage ( Try on GitHub Pages!) Enter the wish screen in Genshin Impact (default keybind: F3) Select History at the bottom (located next to Details). You should see a 6x3 table with your …

Genshin Impact: How The Pity System Works - Game Rant

    To put things simply, the pity system in Genshin Impact guarantees that players will always receive items of certain rarities within a designated number of …

Genshin Impact Calculator - Genshin-Builds.com Wiki Database

    Calculator. calculate how many mora and materials you needed. Achievements. Achievements to unlock new features and rewards. Guides. Guides to help you to learn …

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