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Using Points | JetBlue
    Cash + Points is a redemption option offered exclusively to TrueBlue members during the online booking process that allows members to pay for JetBlue-operated flights using a combination of monetary payment and TrueBlue points. TrueBlue members must be logged in to their TrueBlue account online at to use Cash + Points.

JetBlue TrueBlue Points Calculators - The Point Calculator
    The Point Calculator values JetBlue points at 1.3 cents each meaning that 10,000 points are equal to roughly $130 in cash value. JetBlue Points Value Calculator: What Are …

Earning Points | JetBlue
    All TrueBlue points are subject to the TrueBlue Terms and Conditions. In this example, the JetBlue Card bonus is 3 and maximum points earned per $1 is 12 & the JetBlue Plus …

JetBlue Points Value Calculator: What Are Your Points Worth?

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