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V.O2 Running Calculator - Run S.M.A.R.T. Project

    VDOT Running Calculator Get your free training paces. Event Distance Time (hh:mm:ss) Pace (mm:ss) Advanced Features Calculate Reset Get the calculator app < > Embed …

Running Training Paces Calculator | runbundle

    This tool allows you to calculate five main running training paces: easy, sub-threshold, threshold/tempo, interval/VO 2 max, and speed endurance. Your race pace - which may …

‎VDOT Running Calculator on the App Store

    ‎The official VDOT Running Calculator, designed by Dr. Jack Daniels - named World's Best Running Coach by Runner's World Magazine - and …

Race time prediction calculator | Marathon, half, 10k, 5k - running

    These calculations are based on a number of complex formulas devised by famous running coaches Jack Daniels and Jimmy Gilbert. If you are interested in understanding …

VO2 Max Runners Calculator

    Daniels's formula assumes that to achieve reliable calculations, the race distance should be between about 1500 m and 50 …

Training Pace Calculator | Running Pace

    The training pace calculator is a great tool for all runners doing various training types. Exercising a lot is not the point. Training properly is what really matters. …

VDOT Calculator - Coach , Dino

    VDOT Calculator To calculate your VDOT value 1) Select a race distance from the drop-down 2) Enter your time for that distance 3) Click the Calculate VDOT button Select a …

Effective VO2max and Running Pace Zones - Alp Fitness

    To figure your target training times, input the distance and time of your running time trial or race. The results will calculate your “effective VO2max” (i.e., VDOT) based on Jack …

Vdot Calculator and Training Paces - Attackpoint

    Vdot Calculator and Training Paces. This tool calculates VDOT, Jack Daniels' performance-based VO 2 Max index for runners.

VDOT Running Calculator - Apps on Google Play

    The official VDOT Running Calculator, designed by Dr. Jack Daniels - named World's Best Running Coach by Runner's World Magazine - and the team at V.O2. Thanks to over 50 years of scientific research …

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