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DITY/Personally Procured Move Calculator - UPDATED FOR 2021

    A DITY (Do IT Yourself) move, now called a Personally Procured Move (PPM), is a type of PCS move in which you are reimbursed for moving part (partial DITY) or all (full DITY) …

DITY Move Calculator | U-Pack

    Use our helpful DITY move calculator to understand all the expenses and allowances. Step 1: Use the U-Pack ® DITY move …

MilitaryMembers - Defense Finance and Accounting Service

    DD2278- Calculated by the Transportation Office* Copies of Certified Weight tickets including Gross (full) weight and one for Tare (empty) weight Operating Expense …

DITY Move Calculator [Military Personally Procured Moves in 2023 ]

    A DITY move calculator can help you do this by helping to calculate the total expenses of your move while factoring in your reimbursements or allowances. What is a DITY or …

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