Average Weight For A 17 Year Old Female

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17 years old | Teenager Weight chart for girls - LifeMeasure

    17 years old In most cases, Girls weight measurements for this age group (17 years old) will lie within the range between 43.34 and 86.17 kgs. The average weight measurement for this age group Girls is 55.18 kgs, according to the CDC. Sex Boy Girl Date of Birth Date …

How Much Should I Weigh? | Rush System

    Determining how much you should weigh is not a simple matter of looking at a …

BMI Calculator Child and Teen | Healthy Weight | CDC

    This calculator provides body mass index (BMI) and the corresponding BMI-for-age percentile based on CDC growth charts for children and teens ages 2 through 19 years. Because of possible rounding errors in age, weight, …

How much should I weigh for my height and age?

    A BMI calculation provides a single number, which falls into the following categories: A BMI of less than 18.5 means a person is …

The Average Weight for 17 Year Old Teen Boys and Girls

    Jun 17, 2022

Average Weight for Women: By Age, By Height, Tables, …

    The average American woman 20 years old and up weighs 170.6 pounds and stands at 63.7 inches (almost 5 feet, 4 inches) tall. And the average waist circumference? It’s 38.6 inches. These...

Ideal Weight Calculator

    In theory, age shouldn't be a large determinant of an IBW past the ages of 14-15 for girls and 16-17 for boys, after which most people stop growing. It is actually expected that human …

About Child & Teen BMI | Healthy Weight | DNPAO | CDC

    Obesity is defined as a BMI at or above the 95 th percentile for children and teens of the same age and sex. For example, a 10-year-old boy of average height (56 inches) who weighs 102 pounds would have a …

Normal growth rates for kids | Children's Wisconsin

    The following are some average ranges of weight and height, based on growth charts developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Although a …

Average weight for 5'1" 17 years old female - BMI Calc

    Kilograms (Kg) Your ideal weight should be between 44.4 kgs and 67.2 kgs. The average ideal weight should be 54.7 kgs. These values apply for a 17 years old 5'1" heigh …

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