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    Use this calculator to understand the scope of your antenna project, if you want more gain but play it safe by using a design that has been built and tested. You will find the best information on ultra-high gain Yagi antennas published on Earth Moon Earth (EME) Yagi Antennas. My DIY experimentation with different YAGI antenna design

Online Calculator .:. Yagi Uda Antenna based on …

    Yagi Uda Antenna Calculator Based on Rothammel / DL6WU You may want to combine it with a folded Dipole or straight Dipole REQUIREMENTS DESIGN DATA FOR YOUR YAGI Note : It is quite possible, that other …

Amateur Beam Antenna Calculator - Ham Radio

    Seven Element Yagi This calculator is designed to give the critical information of a particular beam antenna, in this case a seven element Yagi, for the frequency chosen. …

HF Yagi Antennas (2-6 Element) - K7MEM

    This page has a variety of calculators that can be used to calculate dimensions for practical antennas for 6, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17 and 20 Meter Yagi Antennas. While you may not have …

3 element Yagi Antenna Calculator - RF Wireless World

    EXAMPLE of 3 element Yagi Antenna calculator: INPUTS : Operating Frequency (MHz) = 200 OUTPUTS: Reflector Length = 0.7425 meters, Dipole Length = 0.7095 meters, Director Length = 0.66 meters, Reflector …

VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna Quick Designer - K7MEM

    Driven Element Diameter = 0.25" (0-1/4") Parasitic Element Diameter = 0.25" (0-1/4") Suggested Stacking Distance for 2 Yagis: 38.5" (3' 2-1/2") Horizontally 36.6" (3' 0-21/32") …

Yagi Antenna Calculator - Ham Radio Antennas

    Yagi antenna calculator, yagi antenna dimensions, learn to build a yagi antenna, guide to yagi antennas. Simple 3 element Yagi Beam Calculator for Amateur Radio . Select …

DL6WU Yagi-Uda antenna online calculator - 3G-aerial

    DL6WU Yagi-Uda antenna online calculator Created: 30 June 2022 Last Updated: 08 October 2022 Hits: 11295 The calculator calculates the Yagi-Uda antenna …

Yagi Antenna Calculator

    Yagi antenna calculator, yagi antenna dimensions, learn to build a yagi antenna, guide to yagi antennas. Simple 3 element Yagi Beam Calculator for Amateur Radio . Select …

Yagi Antenna Calculator - jeroen.steeman.org

    Calculate the required dimensions for a three to eleven element directional yagi antenna construction for any given frequency. Enter the required frequency in MHz and the …

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