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Quilt Backing & Binding Calculator

    Our quilt backing calculator tells you how much fabric you need for a simple one-fabric backing. The fabric for quilt backing can be either directional or non-directional. If the material is directional, it means that it matters how you arrange one piece with relation to another.

Quilter's Paradise - Free Backing and Batting Calculator

    This calculator determines how much yardage from a bolt of fabric is needed to make a backing for a quilt. It may also be used to determine how much batting you need for your quilt. You specify the …

Quilt Backing Calculator | Designed to Quilt

    This quilt backing fabric calculator will calculate the exact backing fabric yardage needed for your quilt. It takes into account the width of the fabric you are using and the desired …

Quilt Backing Calculator - DDD Designs

    Quilt Backing Calculator - DDD Designs Backing Calculator Quilt Width in Inches Quilt Length in Inches Width of Fabric (WOF) on Bolt (minus selvage) Overage (extra inches …

New Backing Calculator — Down South Quilting

    Quilt Backing Calculator . I am often asked by my clients and others who know I longarm how much larger the backing needs to be than the quilt. I prefer 8 inches per side so 16 …

Yardage Calculator - Lily Street Quilts

    Calculate Fabric Required for Borders, Backing and Binding Begin by entering the width and length of the quilt top (in inches). Be sure to take your measurements across the …

How To Figure Yardage For Quilt Backing – Missouri …

    Calculator Your finished quilt top A measuring tape or template Step 1: Measure the length and width of your quilt top. Step 2: Add an extra 8 inches to both the length and width of your quilt if it’s going to …

Free Online Quilting Calculators

    Free Online Quilting Calculators Tired of having to perform mental gymnastics or making math errors in determining how much fabric you need in making …

Quilting Calculators App - Robert Kaufman

    Designed by quilters, our calculators allow you to quickly convert between yards and inches, meters and centimeters; work out how much fabric you need for backing, batting and borders; and see how many rectangular …

Plan Your Quilt Back and Determine Yardage

    A quilt 81 to 120" requires a backing that is pieced with vertical seams. Quilt top length x 3 + 18. Divide by 36" to determine yardage. Example for a 95x110" quilt top: 110" x 3 = 330". 330" + 18 …

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