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Mechanical Calculators

    1950s - 1960s Electrically driven, full-keyboard calculator with automatic, high-speed multiplication and division. Plus Adder 1950s - 1960s Minimalist abbreviated-keyboard …

History of Electronic Calculators

    Early 1960's -- Mechanical calculators, slide rules, or paper and pencil are the world's main methods of calculation. As was true in the 1940's and 1950's, early 1960's calculators …

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    Vintage Calculators | Collectors Weekly

      The first electronic calculators emerged in the 1960s, but were large and heavy because they required many transistors. It wasn't until the 1970s that integrated circuits made …

    The History Of The Calculator

      Launched in early 1972, the $395 HP-35 was an almost pocket-sized calculator with trigonometric and algebraic functions. Hewlett HP-35: first scientific calculator Within a few months, Texas had hit …

    Value of 1960 dollars today | Inflation Calculator

      Feb 14, 2022

    Years Calculator: How Many Years Between Two Dates

      To compute the distance in years between two dates, fill out the top two inputs: First date: Enter the start date for the math Second date: Enter the end date for the calculation Year calculator result for two dates 20 years …

    $1 in 1960 → 2023 | Inflation Calculator

      Future inflation calculator Value of $1 from 1960 to 2023 $1 in 1960 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $10.11 today, an increase of $9.11 over 63 years. The …

    The History of Calculators: Evolution of the Calculator …

      According to the Vintage Calculators Web Museum, the calculator featured a 12-digit display in red LED and cost $395 when it first went on sale in January 1971. Because the …

    24 Great Inventions in the 60s That Still Exist - InventGEN

      A year earlier a Japanese agency had launched the first all-transistor desktop calculator; it weighed 55 kilos and price $2500, inventions 1960s. Kilby, Jerry D. Merryman, and James H. Van Tassel, …

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