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Violent Tyre Rupture On Dump Truck

What The sidewall of rear inner tyre on a Caterpillar 777 dump truck ruptured violently while parked outside the workshop. The operator who was greasing the front suspension struts was hurled out from under the truck but escaped injury. Fortunately, he... Read more

SB 54 Safety And Maximisation Of Tyre Life

The mining industry has been known to face a worldwide shortage of Large Earth Moving Tyres. Due to this shortage it is inevitable that operating companies will be seeking to maximise tyre life and to review tyre management and maintenance... Read more

SB 47 Tyre Fires, Pyrolysis And Explosions

Tyres on trucks, cranes and other heavy vehicles may catch fire under a range of circumstances, with the obvious potential for the tyres to then explode. A lesser-known danger arises when the combustion takes place inside the tyre, with no... Read more

MSB No. 118 Working safely with tyres: highway-style trailer haulage

The fatal injury of a driver of a bulk coal transport trailer while replacing a wheel has highlighted a risk for the mining industry that has long been recognised in the tyre manufacture and fitting industry: the premature failure of... Read more

MSB No. 089 Earth-moving equipment tyres and use of tyre handling machinery

This bulletin is prompted by concern relating to a series of accidents involving heavy earth moving equipment tyres and the operation of tyre handling machinery. Seven fatalities involving the handling of tyres have occurred at various mines in the Australasian... Read more

SB 77 Earthmover Tyre and Rim Safety

Tyres, rims and wheel assemblies are safety-critical items that must be maintained and used correctly to achieve acceptable levels of risk. Inadequate earthmover tyre and rim maintenance carries considerable inherent risk of personal injury and death, as confirmed through several... Read more

Handling earthmoving equipment tyres

The Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) released Safety Bulletin No. 89 on 13 November 2009 about a series of incidents involving earthmoving equipment tyres and the operation of tyre-handling machinery. There have been seven fatalities involving the... Read more

MSB No. 009 Off-highway mobile earth moving equipment (tyres)

The trend to replace biased (cross-ply) tyres with radial tyres, on off-highway earthmoving equipment, fitted with multi-piece rims has resulted in a relatively high incidence of rim failures due to fatigue in service. Attempts to remove a tyre/rim assembly (ie. wheel)... Read more

Tyre Safety

What The worldwide shortage of earth moving tyres is causing mining companies to review operating practices and to seek alternative methods of preserving tyre life. Why It is recognised that extending tyre life is an important production and cost consideration for mining companies. Recommendations Mining... Read more

Rubber Tyred Equipment

A CAT 785 rear dump truck operator reported to his supervisor that he thought he had a flat tyre at position 3 on his rear dump truck. A closer inspection of the vehicle identified that the position 3 tyre had... Read more

Tyre Handler Clamping Fork Failure

What A wheel was being fitted to the right hand inner side (position 5) of a coal hauler prime mover when the shift cylinder failed. Why The shift cylinder failure allowed the tyre clamping forks to open, thus dropping the wheel to the... Read more

Overheated tyres require miners to use self-rescuers

While operating a RAM car (rubber-tyred mobile plant) in an underground coal mine, the driver heard a bang and noticed a distinctive smell and white smoke-like substance coming from the rear of the machine. A brown smoke-like substance followed. Miners at... Read more

MSB No. 036 Split rim wheel and tyre assembly

A Coronial Inquest into the death of a maintenance fitter was recently held following a fatal accident on a minesite. The fitter received multiple injuries when a split rim wheel and tyre assembly failed catastrophically whilst being fitted to a... Read more

Tyre Rim Assembly Blew Apart

A tyre and new rim were assembled incorrectly and inflated. Approximately two hours later the assembly blew apart, one of the components landing eighty metres away and another hitting the building supports ricocheting around the unoccupied tyre bay. ... Read more

MSB No. 101 Brake System Maintenance - Rubber Tyred Vehicles

Many high potential incidents over recent years at Queensland mines and quarries involved brake systems on highway and industrial trucks, and on heavy earthmoving equipment. Some have resulted in serious injury, or even death, and contributing factors included: using equipment not... Read more

Queensland Fatality - Prime Mover Rim Assembly Failure

What A person suffered fatal injuries while changing a dual tyre and rim assembly on a drive axle bogey of a road train prime mover. The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines have issued the following information regarding the accident.... Read more

Queensland Fatality During Wheel Removal

What In February 2004, one person died and another was injured at a mine in Queensland. The two were changing wheels on a truck when a split rim became dislodged and caused the tyre to move uncontrollably. It struck one person... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 115

Whilst a front end loader was repositioning a truck tyre that was used as a road-edge marker on a pit ramp, the operator accidentally put the tyre on its end. The tyre then started rolling down the ramp. It narrowly... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 72

A maintenance fitter received fatal, multiple injuries when a split rim tyre assembly exploded whilst being fitted to a BHB mobile crane. The tyre had been inflated to 150 kpa (22 psi) and the fitter had been instructed to install... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 5

A split ring tyre assembly exploded whilst being fitted to the rear axle of a drilling rig. The tyre was inflated to 675 kPa (98 psi) at the time of fitting. The force of the explosion propelled the tyre and... Read more

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