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Electric shock from a high-voltage test set

An electrical worker received an electric shock while carrying out insulation testing of an 11kV cable network. The electrical worker reached for the voltage control knob to make a fine adjustment of the output voltage of a high-voltage battery-powered test... Read more

SB 40 Testing Of Conveyor Pull Wire Activated Emergency Stops

Conveyor systems are used extensively throughout the mining and quarrying industry. As with any plant, they must be subjected to regular maintenance and testing. Part of any conveyor maintenance schedule should include testing of the pull wire activated emergency stops.... Read more


While carrying out the brake and overspeed tests on a two skip drum winder it was determined that the brakes were not as efficient as on previous tests. The testing was delayed while the inefficient brake caliper linin was replaced, bedded... Read more

MDG 26 Guidelines for Examination, Testing and Discard of Mine Winder Ropes

This guideline covers the ongoing safety procedures related to the use of winder ropes in coal mines. The guideline covers required factors of safety, necessary testing and examination of ropes (timeframes and procedures) and criteria for discarding of ropes. A... Read more

AS 4240.1:2009 Remote Control Systems for Mining Equipment

This Standard specifies requirements for the design, construction, testing, installation, commissioning and modification of remote control systems for mining equipment and machinery. It also recommends safeguarding practices and the provision for training of personnel associated with the operation and... Read more

Electric Shock From Circuit Breaker Test

An electrician racked an 11KV circuit breaker out of the HV panel, moved it clear of the panel and removed the front cover. He then connected one end of the test cable plug to the circuit breaker and plugged the... Read more

Remote Control Systems for Mining Equipment

The objective of this Standard is to provide requirements for designers, manufacturers, users and regulating authorities concerned with the safe use of remote controlled mining equipment in both the coal and metalliferous mining industries. ... Read more

SB 103 Integrity testing of earthmover rims

Earthmover tyres, rims and wheel assemblies are safety critical items which must be maintained and used correctly to achieve levels of acceptable risk. A 2004 investigation into several fatal accidents involving earthmover tyres and rims, both in Australia and in Australasia,... Read more

AS/NZS 1826(Int):2006 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres - Special protection - Type of protection 's'

The Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001 (Qld) states: explosion protection category Ex s means explosion protection category Ex s under AS 1826 ‘Electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres—Special protection—Type of protection s’, section 4.3 The standard referred to in the... Read more

Vehicle/Mobile plant support stands

A coal mine purchased a set of vehicle support stands from a retail tooling supplier for general use across the mine site. Marked on the stands was information that indicated : • the name of the manufacturer; • the operating instructions;... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 157

At an underground mine, routine non-destructive testing (NDT) of a skip conveyance rope was being conducted from a work platform placed across the skip compartment at the shaft brace. The NDT instrument was located on the platform and installed around... Read more

Explosive Powered Tools Warning

What During testing of an explosive powered tool by TestSafe Australia (WorkCover, Londonderry Safety Centre) issues were identified that may affect the safety of persons and the mine. Why A correctly assembled and loaded tool was subjected to a standard series of tests... Read more

Unsafe Flameproof Enclosure Overhauled Auxiliary Fan

What An overhauled auxiliary fan was installed in a hazardous zone in a coal mine while the motor terminal enclosure was not properly flameproof. Why The parts were assembled and test run at the motor overhaul workshop because of the availability of adequate... Read more

Aerosol propellant ignition

A boilermaker sustained burns to the face and hands when an arc from a MIG welder caused the rupture and ignition of propellant from a can of hydrocarbon-based aerosol crack-testing compound. (Crack testing is a non-destructive testing technique used for... Read more

MDG 39 Handbook for Approval Assessment of Transport Braking Systems on Free-Steered Vehicles in Underground Coal Mines

This handbook outlines requirements for design, installation, testing and maintenance of braking systems fitted to free-steered vehicles in underground coal mines. It aims to minimise risk of injury to all mine workers by providing an assessment document to assist persons... Read more

MDG 3006 MTR 5 Guideline for Coal Dust Explosion Prevention and Suppression

This guideline describes a coal dust explosion prevention and suppression management system which includes record keeping, training, monitoring and risk identification and assessment. The main risks in design, purchasing / construction, installation, maintenance, operation and incident review for prevention and... Read more

Electric Shock from Circuit Breaker

What An electrician received an electric shock when he made direct contact with the load side terminals of a moulded case circuit breaker. Why The circuit breaker had previously been dismantled to fit an internal accessory. The circuit breaker appears to have been... Read more

Safety Alert SA06-13 Braking Standards for Trucks

What A truck driver was fatally injured at a quarry when the truck he was driving failed to negotiate a corner and rolled down an embankment. Why The truck was not able to stop upon its decent. Recommendations Recommendations relate to meeting the health and... Read more

Criteria for the assessment of drugs in coal mines

Purpose The purpose of this standard is to provide guidance on matters required for a workplace regime for the assessment of coal mine workers for improper use of drugs at a mine under Chapter 2, Part 6, Div1, Section42(7) of the... Read more

AS/NZS 3584.2:2008 Diesel Engine Systems for Underground Coal Mines

Regulation 261 of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001 (Qld) states: The underground mine manager must ensure an internal combustion engine used to power plant in an ERZ1 is— (b) a type that has been tested by a nationally accredited testing station... Read more

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