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Electric shock from a high-voltage test set

An electrical worker received an electric shock while carrying out insulation testing of an 11kV cable network. The electrical worker reached for the voltage control knob to make a fine adjustment of the output voltage of a high-voltage battery-powered test... Read more

SB 40 Testing Of Conveyor Pull Wire Activated Emergency Stops

Conveyor systems are used extensively throughout the mining and quarrying industry. As with any plant, they must be subjected to regular maintenance and testing. Part of any conveyor maintenance schedule should include testing of the pull wire activated emergency stops.... Read more


While carrying out the brake and overspeed tests on a two skip drum winder it was determined that the brakes were not as efficient as on previous tests. The testing was delayed while the inefficient brake caliper linin was replaced, bedded... Read more

MDG 26 Guidelines for Examination, Testing and Discard of Mine Winder Ropes

This guideline covers the ongoing safety procedures related to the use of winder ropes in coal mines. The guideline covers required factors of safety, necessary testing and examination of ropes (timeframes and procedures) and criteria for discarding of ropes. A... Read more

AS 4240.1:2009 Remote Control Systems for Mining Equipment

This Standard specifies requirements for the design, construction, testing, installation, commissioning and modification of remote control systems for mining equipment and machinery. It also recommends safeguarding practices and the provision for training of personnel associated with the operation and... Read more

Electric Shock From Circuit Breaker Test

An electrician racked an 11KV circuit breaker out of the HV panel, moved it clear of the panel and removed the front cover. He then connected one end of the test cable plug to the circuit breaker and plugged the... Read more

Safety in electrical testing at work

Basic guidance on safe electrical testing carried out for quality assurance tests on electrical components; diagnostic testing; fault-finding on electrical plant; routine safety checks. To prevent or reduce electrical danger; precautions to prevent people not doing the testing and... Read more

Electrical Testing Safety

The mining industry continues to experience fatalities and serious injuries related to personnel that troubleshoot and test electrical circuits. These accidents can be prevented if these best practices are followed: Wear your personal protective equipment (e.g., High-Voltage gloves, hard hats... Read more

Determination of Physical Properties of Cable Bolts in Cement Grout Pull Tests Using Instrumented King Wires

Whereas many researchers and mine engineers have conducted tests using different types of grout, grout ratios, and physical modifications of the cable to determine cable bolt load characteristics, few studies have been conducted on cables fitted with internal instruments. Those... Read more


Point load testing is used to determine rock strength indexes in geotechnical practice. The point load test apparatus and procedure enables economical testing of core or lump rock samples in either a field or laboratory setting. In order to estimate... Read more

Proposal for Certification Tests and Standards for Closed-Circuit Breathing Apparatus

In this report, recommendations are made to (1) replace the present regulations for certification of closed circuit breathing apparatus with quantitative tests specifying metabolic work rate rather than activity, (2) continuously monitor relevant physiological stressors, (3) continue testing until exhaustion... Read more

Anchorage Pull Testing for Fully Grouted Roof Bolts

Despite its potential importance, there is no widely accepted anchorage test for fully grouted roof bolts. Recent studies using short encapsulation pull tests are described ... Read more

Design and Testing of a Non-destructive Friction Bolt Tester

The Spokane Research Laboratory (SRL) of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Thiessen Team USA, Spokane, WA, have developed a pull claw that can be attached to any accessible friction bolt ring to test the performance... Read more

Field Performance Testing of Fully Grouted Roof Bolts

More than 80% of U.S. roof bolts are fully-grouted, but about 1500 roof falls are reported each year. Anchorage failure of a fully grouted bolt can occur when the roof is active near the top of the hole. This paper... Read more

Dynamic Brake Testing

Problem The pass/fail criteria for brake testing is inappropriate Solution A new brake test procedure for rubber tyred heavy mining equipment. Benefits Improved safety for all mine workers, more consistent results. ... Read more

Fire System Testing Requirements Guideline

The purpose of this Guideline is assist WMC operations in complying with the requirement for a fire protection management plan as detailed in the WMC EHS Management System Standard, Crisis and Emergency Preparedness (WMC-EHS-STD-006). This Guideline provides a summarised description... Read more

Test Your Brakes After Repair

Before you put a vehicle back in service after repairs or maintenance, test the brakes ... Read more

Guidance on brake testing for rubber-tyred vehicles operating in quarries, open-cast coal sites and mines

This booklet contains guidance for brake testing self-propelled, rubber-tyred vehicles such as those used in quarries, at opencast coal sites, on mine surfaces or underground in mines. The guidance may also be useful in other industries where similar vehicles are... Read more

Testing of Non-Metallic Materials for Use in Underground Coal Mines

This guideline has been compiled to assist in assessing the risks for the use of such materials and in formulating appropriate testing standards. It can be considered good industry practice for mitigating the risks associated with the use of non-metallic... Read more

Laboratory Investigation of Seat Suspension Performance during Vibration Testing

Researchers performed laboratory studies on four passive and two semi-active seat suspension designs. These six seat suspension systems were tested and analyzed, for vertical vibration only, using the ISO 5007 Standard. ... Read more

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