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Product Recall: City Technology 4CF Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Hazard: A faulty Carbon Monoxide Sensor may no longer respond to the presence of carbon monoxide. Cause: A failure mode has been identified in this sensor. It may show as an unexpected, catastrophic loss of sensitivity, inhibiting the sensor’s ability... Read more

Operator behaviour around remote control equipment

Since the introduction of remote control equipment into the mining industry, there have been numerous incidents putting persons at risk. Some accidents have resulted in serious injuries and a number of fatalities. Previous safety alerts provide particulars on several such... Read more

Managing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in Mining

Naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORMs) are materials containing no significant amounts of radionuclides other than naturally occurring radionuclides, disturbed or altered from natural settings, or present in technologically enhanced concentrations above background radiation levels due to human activities that may... Read more

Overhead Crane Dislodged By Rear Dump Tray

What The body of a Hitachi EH4500 rear dump truck contacted an overhead crane causing it to dislodge and fall to the floor. Why Contributing factors relate to the position of the crane, failure to check overhead, lack of hazard awareness, absence of... Read more

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