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Queensland Fatality - Prime Mover Rim Assembly Failure

What A person suffered fatal injuries while changing a dual tyre and rim assembly on a drive axle bogey of a road train prime mover. The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines have issued the following information regarding the accident.... Read more

Hazard Alert: High potential for injury and death through accidental disassembly of Multiple Piece Rim components

What Improperly fitted tyre and rim assemblies however, during and following inflation, can cause serious injury or death through the accidental disassembly of any of the components. Why Multiple piece rims are particularly hazardous as their integrity and functionality is dependant on both... Read more

Major Hazard Standard: Tyres and Rims

The purpose of this Standard is to eliminate fatalities caused by the failure of a tyre, rim, or wheel, the uncontrolled movement of these components, fire, or explosion, including final disposal. This standard applies to: All tyres, rims and wheels,... Read more

Rim Wheel Assembly Hazards

Many miners have been killed due to improper installation, repair or servicing of rim wheels. Severe injury or death can occur if safe work practices and specific information on the rim wheel assemblies are not known ... Read more

SB 77 Earthmover Tyre and Rim Safety

Tyres, rims and wheel assemblies are safety-critical items that must be maintained and used correctly to achieve acceptable levels of risk. Inadequate earthmover tyre and rim maintenance carries considerable inherent risk of personal injury and death, as confirmed through several... Read more

Fatal injury to prime mover operator as rim assembly fails

What While removing a tyre and rim assembly from a drive axle bogey of an off-highway coal transport prime mover the operator suffered fatal injuries when the inner rim assembly failed and blew the outer wheel and mounting jewellery of the... Read more

SB 103 Integrity testing of earthmover rims

Earthmover tyres, rims and wheel assemblies are safety critical items which must be maintained and used correctly to achieve levels of acceptable risk. A 2004 investigation into several fatal accidents involving earthmover tyres and rims, both in Australia and in Australasia,... Read more

Tyre Rim Assembly Blew Apart

What A tyre and new rim were assembled incorrectly and inflated. Approximately two hours later the assembly blew apart, one of the components landing eighty metres away and another hitting the building supports ricocheting around the unoccupied tyre bay. Why A new multi... Read more

Tire and Rim Safety Awareness Program

This program was developed to give minearal industry personnel additional information to use with existing training materials relative to servicing of multipiece and single piece rim wheels such as those used on large surface mining equipment. Certain accidents are caused... Read more

A Self-Employed Welder Fatally Injured during an Explosion while Welding a Rim Wheel to Repair Air Leaks

What On June 16, 1999, a 34-year-old male self-employed welder (the victim) was fatally injured while attempting to repair leaks in a skid-steer loader rim wheel by welding, and the wheel exploded. Why When the tires were mounted and pressurized the modified wheels... Read more

MSB No. 036 Split rim wheel and tyre assembly

A Coronial Inquest into the death of a maintenance fitter was recently held following a fatal accident on a minesite. The fitter received multiple injuries when a split rim wheel and tyre assembly failed catastrophically whilst being fitted to a... Read more

Light Vehicle Rim Cracking

While towing a trailer with a four wheel drive vehicle, the driver noticed a change to the steering. A check revealed one of the wheel rims had split. An investigation at the mine then discovered many light vehicle rims were... Read more


The fitter was taking the wheel off a Joy 10SC32B shuttle car to repair the steering assembly. He had taken off all of the wheel assembly nuts, and it seems it was difficult for him to take the wheel off... Read more

Alloy rim cracking and failure

A light vehicle travelling at low speed through a mine industrial area struck a pot hole and the wheel rim separated from the hub section of the front offside tyre. Rim failure can cause a driver to lose control, leading... Read more

Safety Aspects of Earthmover Tyres and Rims

A presentation detailing the hazards, risks and available control measures when working with tyres and rims. ... Read more

Incorrectly Assembled Split Rims on Forklift

During an inspection of a forklift’s tyres, it was identified that incorrect bolts were used in the split rim assembly. ... Read more

Major Hazard Contractor Worksheet: Tyres and Rims

This document is designed to assist any person responsible for scoping a Contract to define what is required of a potential contractor to enable them to comply with the WMC Tyre and Rims Standard SAF-MHS-19. This document is applicable to... Read more

Major Hazard Audit Protocol: Tyres and Rims

This document is designed to allow an auditor to assess the compliance of a WMC site with Tyres and Rims Major Hazard Standard SAF-MHS-19. There are ten areas addressed by the audit document: Responsibilities; Tyres and rim register; Competencies; Procurement;... Read more

Major Hazard Standard: Tyres and Rims - Self Assessment Questionnaire

This document is designed to allow each person in the WMC to understand what they are responsible for when planning, designining, constructing, operating, maintaining or disposing of the processes covered by the Tyres and Rims Major Hazard Standard. The assessment... Read more

Multi-Piece Rim Wheels

Miners have been killed due to the improper installation or servicing of Over-The-Road type multi-piece rim wheels. On October 30, 1999, a mechanic in New York was killed when he put a three-piece rim wheel assembly together with the lock... Read more

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