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Park brake failure - truck rolls away

What An unattended, partly loaded bulk explosives truck rolled 20 meters before the driver climbed aboard stopped it by applying the foot brake. The driver had applied the park brake before disembarking. Why The park brake lever did not lock into position when... Read more

Aro Mobile Bolter Ran Away When Parked On Steep Slope

The machine was drawn back from the face to the intersection, parked and the power turned off. The machine then moved uncontrolled towards the face on the 14% gradient. The operator restarted the machine and stopped it's travel and drove... Read more


In recent months in mines in south-western New South Wales, there have been a number of unplanned movements of Eimco 913s. They have resulted from a broken brake shaft as well as the brakeactuating lever moving on the splined brake... Read more

Eimco 913 Lhd Runaway

An Eimco 913 ran out of fuel approximately 50m from the top of a 1:7 men and materials drift. The driver articulated the machine and parked it into the rib of the drift and completed the rest of the mine’s... Read more

MSB No. 070 Franna mobile cranes- uncontrolled movement

What A 12t Franna crane was observed rolling backwards from where it had been parked. It came to rest when the rear of the crane impacted a building after traveling a distance of 27m. Why When dismounting the cabin the driver probably knocked... Read more


Several recent high potential incidents involving mine/quarry vehicles have prompted the issue of this Safety Bulletin.  Brief details of some incidents are given below: An off-highway dump truck on hire ran-away, a few minutes after it was parked and travelled about... Read more

Rear Dump Truck Pulls Energised 6,600V Cable In Half

A rear dump truck had been parked to allow maintenance personnel to check and repair a problem with the transmission gears. A driver commencing on a following shift was advised by his supervisor that the truck had a transmission problem.... Read more

MDG 39 Handbook for Approval Assessment of Transport Braking Systems on Free-Steered Vehicles in Underground Coal Mines

This handbook outlines requirements for design, installation, testing and maintenance of braking systems fitted to free-steered vehicles in underground coal mines. It aims to minimise risk of injury to all mine workers by providing an assessment document to assist persons... Read more

Driller Falls Over Bench Face

What A contract driller fell 9.5 metres backwards over a bench at a quarry. He fell feet first onto fine material which broke his fall. The driller sustained a crushed right heel and lacerations to his upper body. He was taken... Read more

Overhead Crane Dislodged By Rear Dump Tray

What The body of a Hitachi EH4500 rear dump truck contacted an overhead crane causing it to dislodge and fall to the floor. Why Contributing factors relate to the position of the crane, failure to check overhead, lack of hazard awareness, absence of... Read more

Blast Control ; Flyrock Incident

What During a quarry blast under the control of a contractor, flyrock was projected more than 500 metres onto the Pacific Highway. A rock of approximately 100mm diameter was also projected onto a nearby property where it caused damage to a... Read more

Fatality Involving Hitachi LX 100 Series 1 Wheel Loader

What A loader operator was fatally injured after losing control while travelling downhill on an exploration track. Why The investigation is still in progress; evidence suggests that the brake accumulator pressure was probably too low to provide effective braking and several of the... Read more

Truck Driver Raises Tray Under Powerlines

What A truck driver narrowly escaped death when he raised the tray of his on-road haulage truck into 11,000 volt overhead power lines. Why The driver was employed by a contractor to haul concentrate from a mine site. His truck was parked at... Read more

Violent Tyre Rupture On Dump Truck

What The sidewall of rear inner tyre on a Caterpillar 777 dump truck ruptured violently while parked outside the workshop. The operator who was greasing the front suspension struts was hurled out from under the truck but escaped injury. Fortunately, he... Read more

Dangerous Goods Safety Guidance Note: Routes, stopping and bulk transfer

This guidance note assists prime contractors and drivers of vehicles transporting dangerous goods on Western Australian roads to comply with the relevant safety requirements regarding: - restricted routes, - route selection, - vehicle stopping and parking, and - bulk transferring locations. It does not override... Read more


There have been a number of incidents throughout Australia involving the explosion of fuel gas vapours and fuel gas cylinders inside vehicles. A recent incident in South East Queensland involved an explosion of a Methylacetylene-Propadiene Propane (MAPP) gas cylinder in... Read more

Field technician trapped between vehicle bull bar and stock gate

A four wheel drive service vehicle rolled forward from a parked position and pinned the driver, a field technician, between the vehicle’s bull bar and a stock gate. The field technician did not suffer serious injuries but the outcome of... Read more

Managing hot-seat changeovers

Incident 1: In conducting a hot-seat changeover on a rear dump truck at the ROM Pad, the oncoming operator drove his light vehicle up to the truck and parked out of its line of sight, in violation of the no-go... Read more

Risk of nervous system disorder from inhaling electrical cleaning solvent vapours containing 1 Bromopropane

Two mine workers performing routine maintenance on a shuttle car conveyor gear box were exposed to an elevated concentration of vapours containing 1 Bromopropane (1 BP). The shuttle car was parked in a cut through for maintenance, and an electric motor... Read more

SB 25 Fitness For Work

A loaded haul truck struck a parked dozer soon after pulling away from a shovel at a open cut coal mine. The truck driver was uninjured. The incident happened at 3.45 pm, 9 hours after start of shift. The operator... Read more

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