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Kanga loader overbalances catapulting operator into pit

What While magnetite was being dumped from a G-524 "Kanga Loader", the operator leant forward to look into the pit, causing the loader to overbalance and catapult the operator over the top of the machine. Why The machine was handling a load greater... Read more

Investigation Report - Remote-controlled mining equipment - Inadvertent Operation

What On the 9th January 2007 a miner was operating a remote controlled loader to remove ore from a draw point underground at the mine. The radio remote control of the loader relied on line of sight for the operator to... Read more

Guidelines on the Development of an Operating Manual for Tailings Storage

This document is intended to help companies prepare their own site specific operating manuals for tailings facilities. Suggested components of an operating manual include an introductory section, the tailings storage operating plan, monitoring and auditing requirements, rehabilitation measures, emergency action... Read more

Load Haul Dump Operator Fractures Wrist

What An operator fractured his wrist when he slipped and fell to the ground after checking the radiator header tank water level. Why Due to the location of the machine standard cooling system header tank the operator could not check it from ground... Read more

Operator Crushed In Articulation Point Of Loader

What A loader operator received fatal injuries when crushed within the articulation point of a load haul dump vehicle (LHD). The operator had left the cabin, with the bucket tilted backwards, whilst the engine was running. Why Inoperation of the engineering steering control... Read more

MSB No. 065 Design and operation of dredges on ponds

What A 5.5 metre long dredge capsized whilst operating on a tailings pond at a gold. Why An investigation into the incident revealed several problems; the dredge decks being submerged, significant cracks in decks around handrails, deck covers not water-tight, holes being cut... Read more

Ergonomic Risk Factors: A Study of Heavy Earthmoving Machinery Operators

What This paper reports the results of a study performed to evaluate ergonomic exposures among operators of heavy construction equipment. It also provides recommendations for reducing ergonomic exposures such as vibration and postural stress. ... Read more

Operation of Hydraulic Controlled Lighting Plants

What It was highlighted at an open cut mine that their hydraulic controlled lighting plants had the ability to slew over the top of the hydraulic control panel. Why This incident was caused by the ability to be able to slew the light... Read more

AS 3873-2001 Pressure Equipment - Operation and Maintenance

Regulation 6.26 of the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995 (WA) state: (1)         An employer must ensure that —             (a)         gas cylinders comply with AS 2030; and             (b)         pressure equipment (other than gas cylinders) that is covered by AS... Read more

Nomination of an Operator

GNC-001 This guidance note has been issued by NSW DPI to assist industry in fulfilling its statutory obligations as outlined in the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 2002 and Coal Mine Health and Safety Regulation 2006. The purpose of this guidance... Read more

Contractors (Coal Operations)

GNC-012 This guidance note has been issued by NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) to assist industry in fulfilling its statutory obligations as outlined in the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 2002 and Coal Mine Health and Safety Regulation... Read more

QGN 18 Tipping near or over vertical edges in underground mining operations

This guidance note has been issued by the Mines Inspectorate of the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation. It is designed to assist underground mine operators, supervisors and management determine the safest options for tipping over vertical edges in... Read more

Mining operator suffers serious eye injury with high pressure grouter

A service crew operator was grouting a cable bolt in the back of an underground drive. To protect his face and eyes, he wore goggles with an attached face shield. After filling the hole with grout, the pump was stopped, the... Read more

Truck operator fatality

The operator of a road-registered truck was fatally injured when the vehicle’s operator cabin was inundated with rock material during loading operations at a surface bin. ... Read more

MSB No. 063 Dozer safety in open cut operations

On the nightshift of Friday/Saturday, 18/19 May 2001, a fatality occurred at a large open pit mining operation in the northern Goldfields of Western Australia. A tracked bulldozer operator suffered fatal injuries after the dozer he was operating went over... Read more

Dragline Operation When Personnel In Pit.

A mine surveyor had been permitted to access the top of a coal bench by the OCE & notified the dragline operator of the requirement to carry out weekly survey. The surveyor asked the dragline operator to park up the... Read more

Inadvertent Operation Of Longwall Shearer

Between the end of night shift and the beginning of day shift, the longwall shearer had moved approximately 10 metres towards the main gate. The shearer was still moving when the day shift operators arrived at the face. It was found... Read more

Fatality Caused Through The Operation Of A Vehicle Loading Crane

A contractor was unloading items from the tray of a truck using a vehicle loading crane fitted to the rear of the truck. During the operation, the crane jib was slewed over the operating zone for the crane controls. in... Read more

Operator of Integrated Tool Carrier Injected with Hydraulic Oil

A plant operator was changing the implements on an Integrated Tool Carrier at an underground metalliferous mine. While attempting to retract the locking pins far enough to allow the bucket to be removed, by moving the hydraulic valve lever backwards... Read more


The operator was cleaning along conveyor walkways while the plant was operating. When he brushed some loose rock from under a transfer trough his arm was pulled in between the belt and a support idler. The trough skirt plates stopped... Read more

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