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Investigation Report - Incident involving Bruce Slessor

In the incident Bruce Slessor, an employee of Newcrest Mining Limited (NML), received serious head injuries when struck by the root ball end of a tree log that was being levered out from a pile of felled scrub timber by... Read more

Electric shock investigations reveal hazards of working in ceiling spaces

Workplace Standards Tasmania has investigated a number of incidents where electrical practitioners have made contact with unterminated exposed live conductors in ceiling spaces. The investigations revealed that the electrical practitioners were undertaking work in ceiling spaces and that the hazards were... Read more

Black Wolf Coal Company, Inc. Quecreek No. 1 Mine

This report presents the findings of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Bureau of Deep Mine Safety (BDMS) investigation of the inundation accident that occurred on July 24, 2002, at Quecreek Mining Company, Inc. s Quecreek No. 1 Mine... Read more

Investigation of Longwall Face Ventilation Air-Splitting Methods for Improved Dust Control

Two types of airflow splitting methods for improving longwall dust control were investigated by NIOSH s Pittsburgh Research Laboratory. These methods included a transducer mesh barrier and a staged spray barrier system to confine the shearer-generated dust to the coal... Read more

Investigation of Electromagnetic Emissions in a Deep Underground Mine

Highly stressed rock in stopes continues to be a primary safety risk for miners in underground mines because it can result in failures of ground that lead to both injuries and death. Spokane Research Laboratory personnel investigated electromagnetic (EM) emissions... Read more

Investigation of Fully Grouted Roof Bolts Installed Under In Situ Conditions

NIOSH Pittsburgh Research Laboratory (PRL) is continuing to investigate the behavior of fully grouted roof bolts in the weak roof rock of the Safety Research Coal Mine (SRCM). ... Read more

Safety of Industrial Lift Trucks A Survey of Investigated Accidents and Incidents [April 1997 to March 2001]

1997 - 2001 HSE inspectors investigated 1204 accident /incidents involving industrial lift trucks; powered and pedestrian propelled lift trucks eg fork lift trucks and all-terrain or rough terrain. ... Read more

Investigation Report - Serious injury involving roof bolter

What On 3 March 2008 a 39 year old production worker was operating a machine mounted drill rig when his arm became entangled in around the drill steel causing severe trauma to his arm. His arm was subsequently amputated in hospital. Why The... Read more

SIMRAC Project GEN 501 - Investigation of Safety and Health Benefits and Problems Associated With Stand-off Controls for Mobile Equipment

The purpose of this project is to investigate safety and health benefits and problems associated with stand-off controls for mobile equipment and provide recommendations on stand-off applications. A range of health and safety hazards and those factors most likely to... Read more

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Deep Mine Safety, Quecreek Mine Inundation, July 24, 2002, Report of

On July 24, 2002 miners working in the 1st Left Section of the Quecreek No. 1 Mine (in Somerset County, Pennsylvania) cut into Saxman Coal and Coke Company s Harrison 2 Mine, a flooded adjacent abandoned mine. Nine men working... Read more

The Effects of Disaster on Workers: A Study of Burnout in Investigators of Serious Accidents and Fatalities in the U.S.

Based on the anecdotal data, the authors suggest that specific training in working with grieving families and greater organizational support would be appropriate. In addition, utilizing local community mental health and/or pastoral services are suggested ; Contingencies, emergency, crisis, and... Read more

Report of Investigation - Fatal Powered Haulage Accident - Spruce Pine, Mitchell County, North Carolina

What A 44-year-old truck driver (contractor employee) with 8 weeks mining experience was fatally injured at a mica quarry. The victim was driving a loaded 30-ton articulated haulage truck down an 8% grade and exited the truck after losing control.... Read more

Development of Numerical Models to Investigate Permeability Changes and Gas Emission around Longwall Mining Panel

Methane gas contained in the disturbed rock mass can migrate towards the low pressure mine workings and present an explosion hazard. This paper describes the application of a finite difference program to develop a geomechanical model that predicts permeability changes... Read more

Investigation of a Rock-Burst Site, Sunshine Mine, Kellogg, Idaho

Rock masses in deep-level mines are subject to high stresses, which can result in unexpected failure of rock into mined-out openings. Historically, various independent methods have been used to discern the causes of rock bursts and to evaluate stress conditions... Read more

Investigation of Pillar-Roof Contact Failure in Northern Appalachian Stone Mine Workings

The roof rock in underground limestone mines in Northern Appalachia can be subject to high horizontal stresses in spite of the shallow depth of the workings. The high stresses can cause roof stability problems. The National Institute for Occupational Safety... Read more

Investigation of the Jacking Force Capability of Tunnel Liners

Steel liner plates, which are bolted together to form a shell, are commonly used to provide temporary protective linings in the tunneling industry to ensure the stability of the tunnel and safety of the workers until more permanent ground reinforcement... Read more


What A conveyor belt caught alight in the decline of Northam Platinum Mine, an underground platinum mine, causing the death of 9 workers due to the inhalation of poisonous gases. The nine workers were working in the decline lost their lives... Read more

REPORT OF INVESTIGATION, Underground Nonmetal Mine (Limestone), Fatal Handling Material Accident, April 4, 2002, Peerless Mine, Mississippi Lime Company, Ste.

What A 54 year-old mechanic with 32 years mining experience was fatally injured at the surface lime plant of an underground limestone mine. The victim was positioned on the ground to guard access to the drop area while several co-workers threw... Read more

Report of Investigation - Fatal Machinery Accident - Smilax, Leslie County, Kentucky

What A miner was fatally injured when thrown from the elevated bucket of a Simon-Telect 42-foot aerial bucket truck. The victim and two others were dismantling a building. A chain was attached between the aerial lift bucket and a post. When... Read more

Preliminary investigation into the fall-arresting effectiveness of ladder safety hoops

Current state of knowledge and understanding in regard to what fixed ladder safety hoops actually are, (alternatively rendered as caged ladders) what their intended purpose is, and to establish by preliminary testing whether or not safety hoops could provide any... Read more

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