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Detonator Found Inside ANFO Loader

What During charge-up operations at an underground mine, the operator noticed a restricted flow of ANFO coming from the delivery hose. Upon examination, a non-electric detonator and a small rock were found in the actuator valve located at the base of... Read more

People put at risk inside blast exclusion zone

Employees and infrastructure were put at risk when a face-burst projected flyrock material up to 450m from the blast area. This incident became even more serious when it was discovered that not all personnel had been removed from the exclusion... Read more

Mobile Crane Drops Load

What A mobile crane dropped its load, a 305 mm (12 inch) diameter steel pipe when the lifting chain slipped off the pipe. The crane was used to suspend the pipe vertically in the air while being struck by a hammer... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 146

A reverse circulation (RC) drill rig was drilling a grid of 40 to 50 metre deep holes at an exploration site in Western Australia. The holes penetrated the groundwater table. In dry ground, the sample splitter beneath the cyclone was used... Read more

Fatal Accident - Miner Struck By Rock Deflecting Out Of Stope

A loader operator sustained fatal injuries when struck by a rock, which deflected out of an open stope. Prior to the accident, the supervisor drove his vehicle to within 6 m of the open brow of the stope and the... Read more

Explosive Conditions: Pre-Heating On Confined Space Prior to Welding

What A number of incidents involving cutting or pre-heating prior to welding on a confined space (eg. structrual box sections) have resulted in violent explosions. Why When a propane torch is used to pre-heat a welding job on an enclosed, but not totally... Read more

In-service failure of Explosion-protected equipment

What During a fault-finding exercise on an underground load haul dump (LHD) vehicle three plastic floats located inside the water-based exhaust system were found to be melted from excessive heat. Why The LHD in question had been experiencing reliability issues with the low... Read more

Electric Shocks and Arcing

What Incident 1: Power supply to an electrically powered hydraulic pump tripped on earth leakage Incident 2: Power supply to a continuous miner tripped on earth leakage and a mine worker received a severe electric shock. Why Incident 1: The scraping earth connection... Read more

SB 47 Tyre Fires, Pyrolysis And Explosions

Tyres on trucks, cranes and other heavy vehicles may catch fire under a range of circumstances, with the obvious potential for the tyres to then explode. A lesser-known danger arises when the combustion takes place inside the tyre, with no... Read more


There have been a number of incidents throughout Australia involving the explosion of fuel gas vapours and fuel gas cylinders inside vehicles. A recent incident in South East Queensland involved an explosion of a Methylacetylene-Propadiene Propane (MAPP) gas cylinder in... Read more

Arcing Fault Causes Flash Burns and Equipment Damage

An arc fault inside a 415V electrical enclosure (motor cell) at a coal handling preparation plant caused super-heated gases to be vented from around the edge of the enclosure door, burning an electrician. ... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 166

In 2009 an employee sustained fatal injuries when he fell at least 25 metres inside a process vessel at height and struck the ground. The deceased was one of three team members using high pressure water cleaning equipment to clean scale... Read more

SB 43 Flameproof Enclosures - Damage To Windows

An electrical switchgear enclosure from an underground coal mine had been overhauled in an off-site workshop.  Such enclosures use an explosion protection technique known as "flameproof" to control the risk of ignition of methane in the mine atmosphere.  As often... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 117

Late in May 2002, a Drill Jumbo operator sustained a fatal electric shock in an underground mine after contacting 415 volt terminals inside an electrical control box. A loader operator working nearby immediately became aware of the accident and rendered assistance... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 53

An elevated work platform was attached to the forks of an Integrated Tool carrier in an underground mine. A two man crew, consisting of the IT operator and another worker on the work platform, were hanging drill jumbo trailing cable... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 41

A loaded haul truck ascended the access ramp of an open-cut, and was proceeding along a main haulroad when one of the vehicle’s rear outside wheels literally ‘fell off’. Simultaneously, the valve stem was torn from the associated inside tyre... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 18

A contractor and two of his employees were injured while operating high pressure water jetting equipment. The water lance broke free of its mounting, whipped around violently with the jet inflicting deep lacerations to various parts of the body of... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 14

Whilst tracing a grease line inside the carbody structure of a P & H shovel, a mechanical trades assistant received a severe electric shock and burns when he attempted to climb into a ‘live’ 3300v slip-ring compartment. After he contacted... Read more

Hit By Dislodging Debris While Working On Dragline Bucket

In order to carry out repairs a dragline bucket was stood on its nose in the dump rope change position and was supported from the rear by a dozer. A contract boiler maker was struck on the neck, chest and... Read more

Failure To Properly Isolate Electrical Conductors

At approximately 1pm on a Friday afternoon an electrician received an electric shock from 240V control wiring while working inside a motor control centre cubicle. Prior to the commencement of work, conductors had been tested for dead using an Easy... Read more

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