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Reducing injury risks associated with underground coal mining equipment A handbook arising from ACARP Project C14016

What This handbook aims to collate this information in two parts. Part one draws on the information obtained to provide a snap shot of current best practice for the management of underground equipment injury risks. The focus of this section is... Read more

Injuries associated with continuous miners, shuttle cars, load haul dump and personnel transport in New South Wales underground coal mines

What The present paper reports an analysis of the narrative field accompanying these reports to determine opportunities for controlling injury risks. Why In the three years to June 2005, 959 injuries associated with continuous miners (CMs), shuttle cars (SCs), load haul dump and... Read more

Reducing Injury Risks Associated with Underground Coal Mining Equipment

What This project reports the outcomes of the initial phase of the project, including the results of an analysis of the full text field of 1000 compensations claims for injuries involving underground coal mining equipment. Why Working with or near underground coal mining... Read more

Preventing Injuries: Brand-new research has offered up potential control measures for high priority hazards associated with underground coal mining equipment

What An analysis of [Australian] Coal Services injury reports for a three-year period to June, 2005 suggests the following hazards as the highest priority for elimination or control: handling continous miner cable; strain while bolting; slipping off continous miner platform; inadvertent... Read more

Back Injury Control Measures for Manual Lifting and Seat Design

Development of more efficient supply-handling systems, innovative approaches to supply-handling problems, and proper design of manual lifting tasks can greatly reduce the risk of back pain, as can attention to proper design of seating. Engineering controls that emphasize workstation and... Read more

Vibration Related Back Injuries to Operators of Mobile Equipment in NSW Coal Mines

This document examines the association between whole body vibration and low back pain by surveying the available literature and analysing the Joint Coal Board's accident reports for the previous ten years. It discusses spinal anatomy, ageing and degeneration of the... Read more

Preventing Injuries: Analysis of Injuries Highlights High-Priority Hazards Associated with Underground Coal Mining Equipment

What An analysis of MSHA injury reports for 2004 suggests the following hazards as the highest priority for elimination or control: rock falling from unsupported roof; inadvertent or incorrect operation of bolting controls; handling continous miner cable; collisions while driving LHD/Scoop,... Read more

Drill Rigs and Serious Injuries

What A number of serious drill rig injuries have recently occurred at underground mines resulting in fractures, amputation of fingers, severe soft tissue damage, nerve damage, crush injuries, lacerations and strain. Why Issues which contributed to interaction accidents include: Accidental movement of controls... Read more

Serious crush injury from Jumbo development drill boom

A Jumbo development drill offsider sustained serious injuries when he was changing out the drill bit for a reamer bit on the boom of a Jumbo development drill. The boom was swung hard across the front of the jumbo so... Read more

Investigation Report of a serious injury at Metropolitan Colliery on 28 May 2004

A 20mm herc alloy chain connector was placed in side load. Due to two chain links being connected to one side of the chain connector. The chain connector failed when over loaded. As a result a component of the failed... Read more

Investigation Report Serious injury involving longwall service cassettes at the Beltana Mine

On 21 August 2008, at about 5.30 pm, Mr Gregory Thomas received serious injuries to his lower right leg. The injuries resulted from his leg being crushed between the couplings of two longwall service cassettes that were being joined together... Read more

Investigation Report Incident resulting in fatal injuries to a subcontractor

On 1 August 2009 at about 3:45pm, Bruce Austin, a 57 year old subcontractor was struck by a 200mm diameter, recoiling Polyethylene pipeline of about 150 metres in length. He sustained fatal injuries on that day and died in hospital... Read more

MDG 1016 Guideline for the Management of Acute Workplace Injury and Illness

This guideline provides practical advice to coal mine operators regarding first aid facilities and services at New South Wales coal mines as required under proposed legislative changes. It outlines an employers responsibility of consulting with employees, keeping information confidential and... Read more

Serious Spinal Injury

What An inexperienced mine worker suffered severe spinal injuries when crushed between the mine roof and a continuous mining machine. Why Department of Primary Industries Safety Operations staff is investigating the circumstances of the incident. Recommendations Mines review the adequacy of training, assessment and supervision... Read more

Injury from High Pressure Fluid Injection

What A production employee received an injury to his right hand from a small high-pressure jet coming from a leaking hose. Why The leaking hose at the bottom of the drill rig was difficult to visually identify with the plastic protection coil on.... Read more

Unplanned Movement of Material Pod Results in Serious Injuries

What A production worker in a Continuous Miner development panel sustained serious upper body injuries, seven fractured ribs, a fractured scapula and sternum when he was crushed against the rib by a full materials pod. Why The right hand suspension chain, looking inbye... Read more

Broken Chain Connector Results in Serious Injuries

What A mine worker suffered severe head injuries when struck by section of a chain and hook assembly. Why A detailed investigation of cause and circumstances is being conducted by the Mineral Resources Investigation Unit. Recommendations All mines review all operations, which utilise chain assemblies... Read more

Prevention of Back Injuries in the Western Australian Mining Industry Booklet

Problem The guideline is applicable to all parts of the mining industry and also to other industries in which manual handling work is undertaken Solution Written in clear, understandable English. ; Provides practical solutions. ; Covers all aspects of prevention which include: basic... Read more

Fatal injury to prime mover operator as rim assembly fails

What While removing a tyre and rim assembly from a drive axle bogey of an off-highway coal transport prime mover the operator suffered fatal injuries when the inner rim assembly failed and blew the outer wheel and mounting jewellery of the... Read more

Investigation Report of a Serious Spinal Injury

What Two inexperienced mineworkers and two experienced mineworkers were located within a machine operational 'no standing zone' during the relocation of a remote controlled continuous miner. The two inexperienced workers were located on the rear of the conveyor boom as the... Read more

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