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Intersection With Water Boreholes

What There have been a number of incidents over recent years where property owners have drilled water bores into active workings, or where workings have intersected previously drilled holes. Why In most incidents neither the property owner nor the mine operator was aware... Read more

SB 95 Mobile equipment contact with overhead powerlines

Six reported incidents over the last twelve months have involved mine mobile equipment contacting energised overhead power line infrastructure. Fortunately, due to effective earth leakage protection and/or sensitive earth fault detection, these incidents only resulted in equipment damage and inconvenience... Read more

SB 78 Flood Recovery in Mines

Severe weather in Central Queensland can significantly disrupt mining operations. This safety bulletin serves as a reminder to all mine operators, site senior executives, contractors and service providers to consider the hazards created by the recent rains, flooding and the resultant... Read more

SB 102 Severe weather preparedness

Longer term weather predictions suggest Queensland may be facing its worst storm season in years. Recent unseasonal storms, floods, and operational mine stoppages across the state in the 2007/08 storm season, are stark reminders of the unpredictability and destructive power... Read more

Working with energised electrical lines

An electrician was recently killed in Darwin’s rural area repairing damage to electrical infrastructure after a storm. The electrician was working with an energised electrical line when he came into contact with a portion of the line where the insulation... Read more

Shot firers injured by air blasts

Two serious incidents have occurred recently in Tasmanian mines, where shot firers and their assistants have been injured by an air blast. Both incidents could easily have resulted in serious injuries or fatalities; and both caused significant damage to the... Read more

People put at risk inside blast exclusion zone

Employees and infrastructure were put at risk when a face-burst projected flyrock material up to 450m from the blast area. This incident became even more serious when it was discovered that not all personnel had been removed from the exclusion... Read more

Safety Requirements for Coal Stockpiles and Reclaim Tunnels

Guidelines to establish uniformity of practice with respect to bulk coal stockpiles with reclaim tunnels throughout the coal mining industry of NSW. It has been drafted to provide bulk coal stockpiles and reclaim tunnel systems with practical and adequate... Read more

MDG 1029 Guidelines for Agency Coordination During Body Recovery at NSW Mines

This document aims to develop guidelines to help co-ordinate inter-agency activities in the event of a mining related death. ... Read more

Audit Checklist for Explosives Management Systems

The Department of Primary Industies has developed this Audit Checklist for Explosives Management Systems. NSW DPI plans to use the checklist during future explosives management system audits at Metalliferous and Extractive mining and quarrying operations. The audit checklist is a... Read more

Fatal Electrical Accident - Buchanan County, Virginia

What A contractor was electrocuted while clearing brush from a 12,470 VAC transmission line. The miner touched a loose guy wire causing it to contact an energized conductor on the pole. There was no insulator, ground, or proper anchor at ground... Read more

Report of Investigation - Fatal Electrical Accident - Buchanan County, Virginia

What A contractor was electrocuted while clearing brush from a 12,470 VAC transmission line. The miner touched a loose guy wire causing it to contact an energized conductor on the pole. There was no insulator, ground, or proper anchor at ground... Read more

Guideline for Bolting and Drilling Plant in Mines

The purpose of this guideline is to minimise risks to health and safety of people from the use of bolting plant for strata support in underground coal mines. Historically such risks from bolting plant have included injury from:– a) people... Read more

Major Hazard Contractor Worksheet: Underground Fires

This document is designed to assist any WMC personnel responsible for scoping a Contract to define what is required of a potential contractor to enable them to comply with the Underground Fires Standard SAFMHS-02. There are 12 areas addressed by... Read more

Underground Fires: Major Hazard Audit Protocol

This document is designed to allow an auditor to assess the compliance of a site with Underground Fires Standard SAF-MHS-02. There are 12 areas addressed by the audit document: Fire Control and Management; Maintenance; Requirements for Mine and Infrastructure Design;... Read more

The Segas Professional software

Problem The constant monitoring of explosive gas in underground coal mines gas is very important for the safety of mine personnel on a day to day basis. The data collected should also allow for interpretation and extrapolation of the mine atmospheric... Read more

Accident Prevention on Private Roads

Problem Rail access roads link the inland mine facilities at Tom Price and Pannawonica with the port facilities at Dampier and Cape Lambert. The rail access roads are private roads that were designed to allow effective maintenance of the rail infrastructure.... Read more

ROM Bridge ; Changing with Demand

Problem Peak Downs Mine realised through the current expansion phases, that there were major opportunities to improve one of the primary bottlenecks by reducing down time caused by delays to crushed coal feed to the CPP. ; The issue was three... Read more

Annual Report on SCSR Monitoring in the South African mining industry for the period January to December 2010

What The report identifies the commitment levels of different mines/shafts taking part in the ongoing monitoring programme, as well as their infrastructures, maintenance levels, control, record keeping and user training of the following self rescurers (SCSR's) AfroxPac-30 (South African), AfroxPac-35 (South... Read more

Mining and Community Expectations: The Next Challenge

In Canada, we have gone from the experience of the company town (paternalistic and controlling) to a hands off relationship relying on governments to support municipal infrastructure and civic institutions -- to no new towns in remote areas where fly-in,... Read more

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