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2013-14 shaping up to be a dangerous year for mining contractors. It doesn’t have to be.

Eight people have died in Australian mining operations in the last seven months. The Australian mining industry has recently seen a disturbing increase in mining deaths. We simply cannot afford to ignore the current number of fatalities at Australian mine sites... Read more

Work-related stress'The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them.

Why tackle work-related stress? Management standards for work-related stress. Work-related stress - good practice Sharing good practice: HSE Stress Solutions Discussion Group ... Read more

Drill Rig Strikes Overhead Power Lines

What A number of incidents involving contact with energised overhead power lines have occurred on mine properties within the past year. In a recent incident, a drill rig was inadvertently driven into an overhead power line. No one was injured. However,... Read more

Jump Starting of Mobile Vehicles

What There have been several recent incidents at open-cut mines where trucks with flat batteries have required 'jump starting'. The practice has been to place another vehicle alongside and apply jumper leads to connect the two batteries. On two occasions, during... Read more

SB 99 Uncontrolled movement on mine roads, including skidding, sliding, and light or heavy vehicle roll-over

Recent trends in uncontrolled movements by various vehicle types on Queensland open cut coal mine roads have raised serious concerns. While some increase in the number of such incidents may be due to improved reporting, high potential incidents of this... Read more

SB 61 Flammable toxic gases in open cut coal mines

Recent incidents have occurred in several Bowen Basin Open Cut coal mines where flammable and toxic gases have been found in areas where normal mining activities are being undertaken. Flammable and toxic gases have been found emitting from blast holes,... Read more

MSB No. 091 Use of wooden blocks to support earthmoving equipment

The inappropriate use of wooden blocks to chock and support earthmoving equipment off the ground creates a serious hazard for people working under or near heavy equipment. This situation has resulted in serious crush injuries and deaths in Australia when... Read more

Trucks tipping over the edge

There have been a large number of serious incidents lately involving haul trucks passing through berms when tipping over the edge. In one week recently three events were reported on three consecutive days. Further investigations have also uncovered some mines... Read more

MSB No. 024 Air hoists as underground mine transportation

Proprietary air hoists have been used by the mining industry for lifting and lowering persons in underground mines for more than 25 years. This usage has taken place with the knowledge of manufacturers and suppliers of this equipment despite the... Read more

Access between primary and secondary escapeways

Recent inspections of underground coal mines have revealed that in some instances, the access between the primary and secondary escapeways has been blocked by equipment and materials storage. In some cases the roadways have been blocked off with stone and... Read more

Intersection With Water Boreholes

What There have been a number of incidents over recent years where property owners have drilled water bores into active workings, or where workings have intersected previously drilled holes. Why In most incidents neither the property owner nor the mine operator was aware... Read more

MSB No. 072 Loss of control LME on gradients

What A number of significant incidents have occurred recently where the drivers of large mobile equipment have lost control of their equipment while driving up an incline. Why The main contributors to these accidents are operators negotiating the incline in to high a... Read more

SB 54 Safety And Maximisation Of Tyre Life

The mining industry has been known to face a worldwide shortage of Large Earth Moving Tyres. Due to this shortage it is inevitable that operating companies will be seeking to maximise tyre life and to review tyre management and maintenance... Read more

SB 104 Resuming operations after severe weather

The current severe weather conditions have resulted in a number of high potential incidents when operations have restarted. Queensland mining safety and health legislation requires that potential hazards be identified and suitable controls established to deal with the hazards. Early last... Read more

Failure of mobile equipment braking systems and procedures

An unacceptable number of incidents involving the failure of mobile equipment braking systems, maintenance systems and operating procedures at mines have resulted in serious injuries and fatalities. Investigations have shown that poor workplace practices and inappropriate management systems have contributed... Read more

Shot firers injured by air blasts

Two serious incidents have occurred recently in Tasmanian mines, where shot firers and their assistants have been injured by an air blast. Both incidents could easily have resulted in serious injuries or fatalities; and both caused significant damage to the... Read more

SB 13 Hazards From Use And Storage Of Aerosol Containers

Aerosol containers are widely used in many applications on minesites and quarries. Recently there have been a number of incidents where the contents of these containers have been responsible for or have been implicated in ignitions or explosions. Two electricians suffered... Read more

SB 18 Methane Gas Monitor Response Times

All gas detecting instruments have an inbuilt delay, or response time, between being introduced to a gas and recording the gas concentration.  Response time is usually referred to as the t(90) time. The standard AS/NZS 61779  "Electrical apparatus for the  detection... Read more

MSB No. 017 Use bucket of loader as EWP underground

The indiscriminate and uncontrolled use of a front end loader bucket as an elevating work platform is an improvised application and a sub-standard work practice. The first problem is that a loader bucket is an unsuitable place of work. Persons have... Read more

MSB No. 020 Restraints in heavy earthmoving equipment

The fitment and wearing of seat belts (as a minimum standard) is now required under Regulation 4.16 of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act Regulations (1995). The Mining Inspectorate has formed the view that the wearing of seat belts across the... Read more

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