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Fire Traps Truck Driver

What A truck driver was trapped when flames surrounded the drivers cab of a 100-tonne capacity truck. Due to the quick action of fellow drivers, he was not seriously injured. Why (a) The hydraulic hose from the tray lift cylinder had burst, spraying... Read more

MSB No. 090 Total fire bans and implications for mining

Resources Safety has received several enquiries regarding total fire bans and the implications for mining operations. The relevant legislation, available from the State Law Publisher (, is: Bush Fires Act 1954 (the Act); and Bush Fires Regulations 1954 (the regulations) Note: The legislation... Read more

Fire In A Multi-Floor Screen House

Incident: Screen house fire following routine maintenance work to replace rubber skirts. The job called for a hot work permit with associated confined space requirements for the hot work as they planned to use oxyacetylene equipment to cut the retaining... Read more

Fatal fire at quarry residence

What A fire destroyed a caretaker residence at a quarry north of Brisbane. A young child died in the fire while his father suffered severe burns. Why The accident is under investigation by officers of the QFRS, Queensland Police Service, Petroleum and Gas... Read more

SB 86 Fires on Mine Sites

As required by legislation, all mines report ‘High Potential Incidents’ to the Department of Mines and Energy. From this reported data, a more detailed study of the occurrence of fires in general has been made, the results of which can... Read more

SB 83 Diesel Engine - Turbocharger Fires

Diesel engine turbochargers are increasingly acting as ignition sources for fires at surface coal mines. The Mines Inspectorate has noticed an increase in the occurrence of these fires and has analysed the last 18 months’ incident data supplied by the coal... Read more

Fire on diesel electric truck

A 1982 Diesel Electric Truck burst into flames while undergoing dynamic horsepower testing and adjustment. The truck was being driven down a ramp fully laden with a tradesman strapped into a body harness on the front deck of the truck... Read more

Fire on an underground loader

A fire occurred on an underground loader being operated in an Explosion Risk Zone 1 (a zone in an underground coal mine where methane levels from 0.5–2% might be encountered). The seat of the fire was on and around the... Read more


A retarder brake on a Toro haul truck caught fire whilst being driven up a mine decline. Drillers following behind noticed sparks coming out from under the haul truck and notified the operator. The operator stopped the haul truck, reversed... Read more

SB 106 Recall of faulty Bulbeck 4.5 and 9 kg fire extinguishers

A recent departmental Safety Newsflash warned of the failure of hand-held fire extinguishers in a New South Wales coal mine. More information has since been received from Bulbeck Fire Industries (BFI). The fire extinguishers concerned are manufactured in Malaysia and are SAI... Read more

MSB No. 008 Recharging of fixed fire suppression systems

Routine maintenance of mobile equipment, fitted with fixed fire suppression systems, may necessitate the discharge and recharge of the fire suppression systems in accordance with the equipment suppliers service manuals. In recharging a fire suppression system it is normal practice to... Read more


Safety Alert SA 00-21, issued in September 2000, referred to a major fire on an excavator at an open cut coal mine, and in particular the failure of the on-board fire suppression system, as well as the escape procedures for... Read more

SB 47 Tyre Fires, Pyrolysis And Explosions

Tyres on trucks, cranes and other heavy vehicles may catch fire under a range of circumstances, with the obvious potential for the tyres to then explode. A lesser-known danger arises when the combustion takes place inside the tyre, with no... Read more

SB 32 Fire And Explosion Risks On Hydraulic Excavators

The versatility and manoeuvrability of hydraulic excavators has made them indispensable to the mining industry and they are used in open cut mines throughout Australia. Fundamental to the design of these machines are the numerous hydraulic hoses, some of considerable... Read more

MSB No. 010 Fires on light 4wd vehicles

Within a two month period two underground fires on Toyota 4 x 4 Land Cruisers were reported. In each case the fire was caused by the engine being driven backwards, as the vehicle rolled back after stalling on an incline,... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 147

During salt harvesting operations, unknown to the operator, a fire occurred within the machinery of the salt harvester. The fire was brought to the attention of the operator by a grader driver working in the vicinity. While attempting to escape from... Read more

F.E.A.S. Canister Fire Suppression System Failure

In order to work on the fire detection panel of a dragline fitted with a FEAS Canister fire suppression system, a technician powered the system down by disconnecting the backup batteries and isolating the 240-volt supply. At this time the... Read more

Two mine workers engulfed by a fire ball receive serious burns

Two mine workers received serious burns after a fire ball engulfed them. The fire ball emanated from the chute doors of a train load-out bin. The two mine workers were conducting operational checks on the train load-out, after three days... Read more


During 1998, two Toyota Landcruiser vehicles at opencut mines caught fire. The fires were due to electrical faults in the engine compartment of the vehicles. ... Read more

Ammonium nitrate storage facility bucket elevator fire

On 22 November 2006, ammonium nitrate was being transferred into a silo storage facility at a mine site by means of a belt-driven bucket elevator. During the transfer operation, a ram solenoid valve failed to fully reposition a diverter gate used... Read more

Printed: 18 August, 2022.

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