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Workers seriously injured laying natural gas pipes near old Town Gas pipes

In March 2010, three workers were overcome by toxic fumes while installing a natural gas service adjacent to the old Hobart Gas Company site in Evans Street, Hobart. The workers were using a pneumatic percussion device to horizontally drill a bore... Read more

International Cyanide Management Code

The Code is a gold mining industry voluntary code, intended to complement an operation's existing regulatory requirements. It focuses on the safe management of cyanide and cyanidation mill tailings and leach solutions. The Code specifies Principles that should be followed.... Read more

Guidelines on the Safe Design and Operating Standards for Tailings Storage

These guidelines aim to assist in the design, construction, management and decommissioning of tailings storage facilities in Western Australia to ensure safe and environmentally effective outcomes. Above ground and below ground storage facilities are discussed as well as hazard ratings... Read more

Mine Closure Guideline for Minerals Operations in Western Australia

This guideline aims to serve as a framework for planning for mine closure before, during and after mining operations. It lists relevant Western Australian legislation and guidelines that should be consulted and gives a flow chart of the closure planning... Read more

Strategic Framework for Mine Closure

This document is intended to promote a nationally consistent approach to mine closure management in Australia. The process of minesite rehabilitation and mine decommissioning involves a process of stakeholder involvement, planning for closure, making financial provision for closure, implementation of... Read more

Water Quality Protection Guidelines No. 2

This guideline has been prepared by the Water and Rivers Commission in consultation with the WA Department of Environmental Protection and the WA Department of Minerals and Energy. It aims to reduce the risk to water resources from tailings... Read more

Major Hazard Standard: Molten Materials Processing and Handling

The purpose of this Standard is to eliminate molten material related fatalities or serious injuries. This Standard applies to all WMC molten material systems from the design stage of a facility through construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance to the... Read more

Audit Protocol: Molten Materials Processing and Handling Major Hazard Standard

This document is designed to allow an auditor to assess the compliance of a WMC site with Molten Materials Processing and Handling Standard SAF-MHS-04. There are five areas addressed by the audit document: Risk management strategy; Design of molten materials... Read more

Major Hazard Standard: Machinery Safeguarding

The purposes of this standard are to: Eliminate fatal and serious injuries arising from contact with hazardous parts of fixed and mobile plant and equipment, through inadequate machinery safeguarding; Provide guidance on the application of relevant legislation and standards; Define... Read more

Major Hazard Contractor Worksheet: Machinery Safeguarding

This document is designed to assist any person responsible for scoping a Contract to define what is required of a potential contractor to enable them to comply with the WMC Machinery Safeguarding Standard SAF-MHS-13. This document is applicable to all... Read more

Major Hazard Audit Protocol: Machinery Safeguarding

This document is designed to allow an auditor to assess the compliance of a WMC site with the Machinery Safeguarding Standard SAF-MHS-13. There are eight areas addressed by the audit document: Introduction; Responsibilities; Concept and detailed design; Procurement; Building and... Read more

Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) Management Standards

These Standards form the basis for the development and application of HSEC management systems at all levels in BHP Billiton. Although HSEC matters are interrelated and co-dependent, it is recognised that the skills and processes required to manage issues may... Read more

Tailings Dam

This document contains a Tailings Dam Audit, with eight areas of examination and various standards and guidelines outlined for each. These areas include: 1. Hazard Rating; 2. Design and Construction; 3. Dam Break Assessment; 4. Operation; 5. Management; 6. Monitoring... Read more

IC 9480 Programmable Electronic Mining Systems: Best Practice Recommendations (In Nine Parts). Part 6: 5.1 System Safety Guidance

It is part of a risk-based system safety process encompassing hardware, software, humans, and the operating environment for the equipment life cycle. A safety framework containing these recommendations. The reports in this series address the various life cycle stages of... Read more

Rigger struck on head by 500kg assembly

What When the crusher frame was lifted by the left hand end using an overhead crane the bearing housing assembly fell off. It fell three metres fatally striking the rigger. Why The crews dismantling the crusher did not understand the function of the... Read more

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