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Miner fatally injured in crush accident

What A miner sustained fatal crush injuries at an underground metalliferous mine. Why The miner was operating an underground loader by remote control in a production drawpoint. Preliminary investigations indicate that while the loader was at the drawpoint brow, the operator was positioned... Read more

MSB No. 050 Crushed by mesh sheets - fatal accident

A mining fatality which took place in January 1998 has recently been the subject of a Coronial inquest. The deceased was crushed under the weight of 15 sheets of steel mesh intended for use in a ground support program. The 2.4m... Read more

Miner crushed by drill jumbo

What An operator working in an underground metalliferous mine was crushed between the feed beam assembly of a drill jumbo and the wall of the drive. Why Unforeseen movement of equipment occurred during maintenance. Recommendations The recommendations relate to reviewing maintenance practices, employers and employees... Read more

Driller's Feet Crushed in Drill Foot Clamps

What A driller had his feet crushed when drill rig foot clamps unexpectedly closed. The operator was standing at the bottom of the mast attaching the cyclone pipe. Both of his feet were under the open foot clamps. The driller's offsider... Read more

Trapped/Crushed By Rib Coal Beside Continuous Miner

What While operating the right-hand roof bolter rig on a continuous miner the operator was trapped and crushed by a large piece of fallen rib coal. Why This incident occurred because recovery personnel were poorly equipped to deal with this situation - a... Read more

Fatality involving mobile crushing plant

The Queensland Department of Mines and Energy (DME) released a Safety Alert on 24 December 2008 about a worker sustaining fatal injuries when struck by the righthand hopper door of a mobile crushing plant. The DME reported that the worker was... Read more

Mineworkers injured in machinery crush zones

Recently there have been four separate incidents where mineworkers were injured as a result of being struck by, or crushed by, mobile plant or machinery. Three of those incidents resulted in serious injuries to the mineworker. ... Read more

Shearer operator crushed by automated longwall roof support

A mineworker received serious crush injuries while operating the longwall shearer. The mineworker was found between the longwall roof support and the spill plate of the Armoured Face Conveyor. ... Read more

Worker crushed by sliding backhoe

A worker received severe bruising to the lower back and hip when he was crushed between a handrail and steel structure by a backhoe loader. ... Read more

Operator crushed between longwall roof support and AFC pan line

A shearer operator was crushed between the front of a longwall chock and the AFC pan line. He suffered multiple fractures of the pelvis and internal injuries. ... Read more

Serious crush injury from Jumbo development drill boom

A Jumbo development drill offsider sustained serious injuries when he was changing out the drill bit for a reamer bit on the boom of a Jumbo development drill. The boom was swung hard across the front of the jumbo so... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 160

During the cleaning out of a run-of-mine (ROM) crusher bin at an Eastern Goldfields mine, two maintenance personnel were crushed between the bin and an excavator counterweight. They sustained serious injuries, including multiple fractures. The excavator was being used to clean... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 151

Whilst undertaking a pump change and repair work on a fixed scissor lift elevating work platform (EWP), an engineering tradesperson was crushed in a pinch point sustaining fatal injuries. The deceased was an experienced tradesperson and had been trying to identify... Read more

Operator Fatally Crushed Between Continuous Miner And Rib Spall

Continuous Miner stopped in a sump during partial pillar extraction due to rib spall pushing in the front emergency stop button. Crew member was trying to remove the coal from the stop button when a further rib spall crushed him... Read more

Crushed Between Mobile Equipment

A service crew operator sustained fatal injuries when he was crushed between the tray of a stationary light vehicle utility and a man basket attached to an integrated tool carrier that was being driven toward the rear of the utility.... Read more

Fatal Crush Injury on Exploration Site

A water truck operator sustained fatal injuries when he was crushed between the rear of his water truck and a pastoral property gate. The operator had opened the gate, driven through it and had just closed it when the truck... Read more


A mechanical tradesman was fatally injured as a result of the inadvertent/accidental operation of a continuous miner’s roof bolting rig. The fitter was carrying out maintenance tasks to the roof bolting rig attached to the right hand side of a Joy... Read more

Driller's Feet Crushed in Drill Foot Clamps

A driller had his feet crushed when drill rig foot clamps unexpectedly closed. The operator was standing at the bottom of the mast attaching the cyclone pipe. Both of his feet were under the open foot clamps. The driller’s offsider accidentally knocked... Read more

Operator Crushed In Articulation Point Of Loader

A loader operator received fatal injuries when crushed within the articulation point of a load haul dump vehicle (LHD). The operator had left the cabin, with the bucket tilted backwards, whilst the engine was running. It is probable that he... Read more

Surface Nonmetal Mine (Crushed Stone) Fatal Machinery Accident G. Edgar Harr Son's Corp. (H4C) Cockeysville, Baltimore County, Maryland at Frederick

What A 58 year-old contract drill operator with 15 years drilling experience was fatally injured at a crushed stone operation. The victim had positioned the truck-mounted chassis drill, set the jacks and raised the truck chassis off the ground. He was... Read more

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