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AS 1418 - 2009 Cranes, Hoists and Winches

Regulation 5.12.11 of the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1995 (SA) state: (1) A winch used for personnel transportation in an underground mine must be designed and constructed in accordance with AS 1418–1986 Parts 1–15 SAA Crane Code. (2) The... Read more

Crane Dogger Killed Unloading Chain - Updated

What A crane dogger was killed when struck by a materials trailer, which detached from a crane while being moved to a new position in a pick and carry operation. Why Investigations are continuing but contributing factors include, but were not limited to,... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 154

A crawler-type crane rated at 450 tonnes safe working load (SWL) was being used to position a 1 tonne head chute cover on a conveyor located 45 m above ground level. The crane operator did not have a clear view... Read more

Mobile crane ground stability

On 9 November 2009 a serious near miss involving a 100 tonne mobile crane occurred on a busy construction site. There was potential for multiple fatalities. The crane was being used to lift and position precast concrete panels. The ground... Read more

Fatality Caused Through The Operation Of A Vehicle Loading Crane

A contractor was unloading items from the tray of a truck using a vehicle loading crane fitted to the rear of the truck. During the operation, the crane jib was slewed over the operating zone for the crane controls. in... Read more

Overhead Crane Dislodged By Rear Dump Tray

What The body of a Hitachi EH4500 rear dump truck contacted an overhead crane causing it to dislodge and fall to the floor. Why Contributing factors relate to the position of the crane, failure to check overhead, lack of hazard awareness, absence of... Read more

MSB No. 070 Franna mobile cranes- uncontrolled movement

What A 12t Franna crane was observed rolling backwards from where it had been parked. It came to rest when the rear of the crane impacted a building after traveling a distance of 27m. Why When dismounting the cabin the driver probably knocked... Read more

Mobile Crane Drops Load

What A mobile crane dropped its load, a 305 mm (12 inch) diameter steel pipe when the lifting chain slipped off the pipe. The crane was used to suspend the pipe vertically in the air while being struck by a hammer... Read more

Uncontrolled free fall of a crane hook

What Crane operators have inadvertently released the auxiliary hoist, sending the hook (100kg) into an uncontrolled free fall. Why On both occasions the driver of the crane has inadvertently released the auxiliary hoist, resulting in the auxiliary hook free falling. Recommendations Recommendations relate to inspecting... Read more

Vehicle loading crane safety

Recently a person was fatally injured as a result of being crushed by the boom of a vehicle loading crane. The crane was mounted on a vessel. Workplace Standards Tasmania is aware of a significant number of other incidents that have... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 167

The metal rope guide on the hoist winch (Figure 1) of a three-tonne auxiliary hoist overhead travelling crane (Demag model P416H22L) broke apart while the crane was being set up for a task. A section of the guide weighing about... Read more

Crane Dogman Killed Unloading Trailer

What A contract crane dogman was killed when struck by a materials trailer which detached from a crane while being unloaded. Why The dogman was in an exposed position. The method of securing the load appears to have failed. The incident is being... Read more

Non-slewing articulated mobile cranes tipping

Recently, two articulated mobile cranes tipped over (as shown in the images) due to inadequately preparing and implementing a lift plan to ensure that the cranes were lifting within their rated capacity. ... Read more


This is a reminder of the requirements when using ANY earth moving equipment for lifting and suspending any loads. These requirements are covered by the Australian Standard Crane Code AS 1418.5 Mobile and Vehicle Loading Cranes. ... Read more

Mines Safety Significant incident report No. 129

A derailment and fall of a Bridge Type Electric Overhead Travelling Crane occurred recently at a workshop on a mine in the Northern Goldfields. Fortunately no injuries were sustained to personnel, but major disruptions to maintenance operations occurred and the... Read more

Mobile Crane Splits In Two

A non slewing mobile crane was lifting a tailings line pipe when the centre pivot pin fractured. The centre pivot pin is 125mm in diameter and is welded onto the back of the articulation frame. The pivot pin is supported... Read more

Overloading Crane While Clearing A Rock Wedged In A Crusher

An operator attempted to lift a rock (about 1 tonne in weight) that was wedged at the top of a jaw crusher using the gantry crane (SWL 4.9 tonne), normally used for crusher maintenance work. The operator heard a loud... Read more

Crane Rope Breaks While Anti Two-Block Overridden

The auxiliary hook and headache ball with a combined weight of 30 kg fell 12 m from the boom of a 20 tonne crane landing within 1.5 m from the dogman and his offsider. These two workers were standing under... Read more

Operator receives shock from overhead crane

A  crane  operator  and  his  assistant  received  multiple  electric  shocks  from  an overhead crane that developed an intermittent electrical earth fault ... Read more

Crane A-frame mast falls on rigger

A rigger was injured when a crane A-frame mast fell onto him as he lent across the fly jib to couple the electrical connections for the overwind sensor on the hoist rope. ... Read more

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