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Drill Rig Feed Table Cracks

Drill rig maintenance personnel found significant cracks in two areas on the feed table of a drill rig. The cracks were around the feed table mounting boss and through the main tube in the lower feed extension mounting point. These... Read more

Light Vehicle Rim Cracking

While towing a trailer with a four wheel drive vehicle, the driver noticed a change to the steering. A check revealed one of the wheel rims had split. An investigation at the mine then discovered many light vehicle rims were... Read more

Cracks In Steering Ball Joints On Rear Dump Truck

Ball joints on both steering rams of a rear dump truck were found to be broken off after the truck ran into a windrow and tipped over. ... Read more

Alloy rim cracking and failure

A light vehicle travelling at low speed through a mine industrial area struck a pot hole and the wheel rim separated from the hub section of the front offside tyre. Rim failure can cause a driver to lose control, leading... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 31

A potentially hazardous situation arose when extensive cracking developed in the welded joints of a hot oil boiler operating in a Gold Mine Process Plant. The cracks were found in welds in the tube sheet to shell, tube ends to tube... Read more

Aerosol propellant ignition

A boilermaker sustained burns to the face and hands when an arc from a MIG welder caused the rupture and ignition of propellant from a can of hydrocarbon-based aerosol crack-testing compound. (Crack testing is a non-destructive testing technique used for... Read more

Blast Hole Drill Carousel Stem Lock Failure

Operator was in the process of withdrawing the drill string from a completed hole and had retracted one stem. He had the second stem in the carousel stem lock and commenced rotating the drill head to undo the head from... Read more

Blast Control ; Flyrock Incident

What During a quarry blast under the control of a contractor, flyrock was projected more than 500 metres onto the Pacific Highway. A rock of approximately 100mm diameter was also projected onto a nearby property where it caused damage to a... Read more

Silo collapses from stressed structural weld

A silo containing 300,000 litres of milk collapsed at a dairy co-op factory recently. The collapsed occurred after the dome bottom tore away, causing a large hole in the silo. The contents then rapidly discharged, creating a negative pressure which sucked... Read more

SB 43 Flameproof Enclosures - Damage To Windows

An electrical switchgear enclosure from an underground coal mine had been overhauled in an off-site workshop.  Such enclosures use an explosion protection technique known as "flameproof" to control the risk of ignition of methane in the mine atmosphere.  As often... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 116

Whilst the driver of a Cat 633D elevating scraper was taking a skim cut to remove topsoil from a tailings dam site, a piece of mulga wood approximately 150mm x 100mm was projected through the rear window of the cabin.... Read more

Transport incident involving the failure of a plastic intermediate bulk container (IBC) containing a mixture of hydrofluoric and sulphuric acids

Incident On 13 August 2008, a plastic intermediate bulk container (IBC) containing a mixture of hydrofluoric and sulphuric acids (4% and 20%, respectively) cracked as it was being transported by truck. The container apparently failed as the truck travelled over a... Read more

MSB No. 065 Design and operation of dredges on ponds

What A 5.5 metre long dredge capsized whilst operating on a tailings pond at a gold. Why An investigation into the incident revealed several problems; the dredge decks being submerged, significant cracks in decks around handrails, deck covers not water-tight, holes being cut... Read more

MSB No. 067 Open pit scaling

What Three contract drilling employees and a contract geologist were lucky to escape serious injury when approximately 150 tonnes of rock fell from the pit wall above them. Why The fall was caused by a wedge failure along two intersecting joints in the... Read more

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