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Reduction of manual handling in the Case Shop

Problem In the four furnaces at TEMCO Bell Bay, electrodes 1.2m in diameter and up to 24m in length feed the electrical energy needed to reduce a blend of manganese ore and other raw materials to molten metal alloys. The end... Read more

Case study: Establishing the business case for investing in stress prevention activities and evaluating their impact on sickness absence levels

Case study describes the processes and interventions to improve wellbeing / quality of working life of employees, including reducing workplace stress and the level of sickness absence within the organisation. ... Read more

Analysis of Bench Crest Performance at the Yellowstone Mine: A Case Study

A case study is presented that relates statistical descriptions of joint sets to the distribution of local wedge failures along the crest of a catch bench at the Yellowstone Talc Mine ... Read more

A Case Study of Bolt Performance in a Two-entry Gate Road

This paper presents the results of a case study conducted in a two-entry gate rode in a coal mine where excessive roof deformation and bolt loading resulted in failure of many roof supports. The instruments consisted of 16 fully and... Read more

Case Study 9. Improving community interaction after tailings pipeline failure: Morila Gold Mine

This case study describes a tailings breakout incident at Morila Gold Mine (MGM), the mines response to it and the engagement with local stakeholders in the process. Out of the lessons learned, a review of the emergency plan was performed... Read more

Case Study 12. Communication plans for crisis management: Mining Association of Canada

A communications strategy for employees, their dependents, local communities and other relevant stakeholders is an important element in the planning for emergencies. This was the subject of the previous case study. Equally important is a plan for communications at the... Read more

The Northparkes Case Study - Module 1

This video contains an overview of the nature of major hazard risk management. Within the process the video discusses human factors issues that impact the quality of decisions made by people in managerial roles. The Northparkes disaster is used as a case study... Read more

The Northparkes Case Study - Module 2

What Happened On the afternoon of the day shift on 24 November 1999 four men were killed at the Northparkes underground mine as a result of a massive collapse of rock and the subsequent devastating airblast. Why it Happened The disaster occurred because... Read more

Safety Case Management of Large Structures

A pamphlet that discusses the safety issues associated with the structural integrity of large plant. Structural failure can be initiated by several ways, most of which are detailed in the pamphlet. The pamphlet also details a list of... Read more

Anatomy of a Confined Space Fire - A case study and lessons learned

What On April 6, 2000, Tank T-1001 at the Williams Petroleum tank farm at the Port of Anchorage, AK, erupted in flames whiled being cleaned by an experienced tank cleaning contractor Why Fuel trapped in the roof seal ignited by static electricity either... Read more

Anatomy of a Confined Space Fire - A case study and lessons learned

On April 6, 2000, Tank T-1001 at the Williams Petroleum tank farm at the Port of Anchorage, AK, erupted in flames whiled being cleaned by an experienced tank cleaning contractor. Fuel trapped in the roof seal ignited by static electricity... Read more

Silica Dust Sources in Underground Metal/Nonmetal Mines - Two Case Studies

The ultimate goal of this research is to develop control technologies to reduce worker exposure to respirable silica dust. Dust surveys were conducted in an underground limestone and gold mine to investigate silica dust sources, generation levels, and controls being... Read more

Coal Mine Seismicity and Bumps: Historical Case Studies and Current Field Activity

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has continued the research role of the former U.S. Bureau of Mines to develop techniques that will reduce the hazards in the mining work place associated with coal bumps. Current research... Read more

Geomechanics of Large Stone Structures: A Case History From the Washington National Cathedral

The Washington National Cathedral is one of the largest masonry structures in the USA, and like many of its European Gothic counterparts, it required nearly a century to construct. The design was altered during this period, resulting in greater loadings... Read more

Large-Scale Strata Response to Longwall Mining: A Case Study

This U. S. Bureau of Mines report summarizes a study of large-scale strata response to longwall mining at a western U.S. coal mine. This study utilized surface and subsurface measurements, geologic mapping, in situ stress measurements, and pressure cell readings... Read more

Load and Deflection Response of Ventilation Stoppings to Longwall Abutment Loading: A Case Study

Few studies have specifically measured and documented the large-scale loading behavior and durability of ventilation stoppings to mining induced movements, particularly from longwalls. This paper presents the investigations of underground measurements that have been conducted to determine the loading response... Read more

Mapping Hazards with Microseismic Technology to Anticipate Roof Falls - A Case Study

As the amount of new fractured surfaces or damaged rock layers within roof rock increases, the stability of the rock mass decreases. While direct measurements of this phenomenon are not easily made, there is good circumstantial evidence to support this... Read more

Multiple Seam Mining Interactions: Case Histories from the Harris No. 1 Mine

The Harris No. 1 Mine, located in Boone County, WV, has been longwalling the Eagle Coalbed for over 30 years. Harris has experienced numerous interactions associated with the extensive room-and-pillar and longwall mining operations which have been conducted in the... Read more

Preventing Falls of Ground in Coal Mines With Exceptionally Low-Strength Roof: Two Case Studies

Mines with exceptionally low-strength roof (UCS less than 3,500 psi and CMRR less than 40) are much more likely to struggle with roof falls than other mines. Weak roof is a particular problem for many room and pillar mines in... Read more

Case Study 1. Community engagement policy requirements: BHP Billiton

BHP Billiton, in its overarching health, safety and environment (HSE) standards and policies, sets requirements for communication, consultation and participation with local communities; business conduct, human rights and indigenous affairs; incident reporting and investigation; and crisis and emergency management. Relevant... Read more

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