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Blackwater Truck Accident

What Video; 152MB - On May 4, 1997 the passenger of a light vehicle was injured and the driver fatally wounded when overtaking a water truck. The water truck was unaware of the light vehicle's presence and turned in front of... Read more

Modifications to Vehicle Loading Cranes (VLCs)

Problem The design of controls on vehicle loading cranes (VLC) can contribute to errors by operators, placing them at risk of being crushed if the incorrect control is operated. Solution The controls have been redesigned so that the VLC is not able to... Read more

Highwall Pump Access System

Problem To replace the polypipe on the reel of a highwall pump safely, scaffold had to be constructed each time this was to be carried out. The erection of scaffold introduced working at height concerns that were identified within the Maintenance... Read more

Injury Management Database IMdb

Problem Scant data on profiles and outcomes of workers undergoing rehabilitation. Solution The Injury management database focuses on a set of clearly defined practices, upderpinned by quality assurance and continuous improvment. Benefits Significant reduction in process time for operations and rehabilitation, improved reporting, efficient documentation... Read more

Printed: 18 August, 2022.

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