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MSB No. 080 Asbestos - imported gaskets containing asbestos

Items of plant were recently imported into Western Australia and found to contain bonded asbestos gaskets. The plant was imported from New Zealand and Thailand for installation at a major industrial site. Workers at the site were unaware that any... Read more

MSB No. 053 Particulate emissions low sulphur diesel and health

Western Australia recently became the first State in Australia to enact standards for sulphurcontent in diesel fuel, dropping the maximum level to 500 parts per million. The Commonwealth Government will soon follow with National Fuel Quality Standards, which adopt European standards... Read more

MSB No. 079 Cyclone emergency preparation, planning, preparedness

Recent tragic events at a rail construction camp near Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia highlight the ferocity and damage nature is able to create in communities and mine sites in the region. On Friday 9 March 2007... Read more

MSB No. 046 Lightning - hazards and safeguards

Two recent non-mining fatalities caused by atmospheric lightning serve to remind of the likely consequences that this ‘all too familiar’ hazard can present. Both incidents occurred in open spaces, one victim being struck while beach strolling and the other (a... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 143

In June 2007 the operator of a D11 dozer experienced a near miss when a 20 metre high jarrah tree fell onto the dozer during tree clearing operations at a mine site in the South West of Western Australia. Significant Incident... Read more

Emergency Preparedness for Underground Fires in Metalliferous Mines

A guideline for underground metalliferous mines relating to mine fire hazards. Chapters cover identification of ignition and fuel sources, training for emergencies, communications, surface facilities and procedures, personnel management, refuge chambers and self rescuers, evacuation procedures and escape routes, use... Read more

Safety Bund Walls Around Abandoned Open Pit Mines : Guideline

This MOSHAB approved guideline has been issued to assist mining companies with the design of safety bund walls around abandoned open pit mines in order to minimise potential risks to the public. The legislative requirements for Western Australia are described... Read more

Safety Management of Underground Combustible Sulphide Dust : Guideline

This MOSHAB approved guideline applies to underground metalliferous mines in Western Australia and recommends precautions to be taken where there is a possibility of sulphide dust ignition. It describes legislative requirements in WA and explains how sulphide dust explosions occur.... Read more

Underground Barring Down and Scaling : Guideline

This MOSHAB approved guideline explains the meaning of scaling or barring down which involves removing loose rock from the walls and rock face of underground mines to make the ground safe. This is a potentially hazardous activity and legislative requirements... Read more

Vertical Opening Safety Practice in Underground Mines: Guideline

This MOSHAB approved guideline identifies some of the hazards associated with vertical openings within or into underground mines and recommends procedures to avoid or minimise these hazards. The relevant legislative requirements for Western Australia are covered in detail. The ore... Read more

Management of fibrous minerals in Western Australian mining operations

The Asbestos Management in Mining gives a range of general information on natural asbestos occurrence within Western Australia, including the different types of asbestos likely to be found during mining, potential health risks and recommended control strategies. It provides information... Read more

MSB No. 081 Unattended vehicles rolling away

In recent months there have been a number of incidents involving unattended vehicles rolling away down slopes at mine sites in Western Australia. ... Read more

MSB No. 063 Dozer safety in open cut operations

On the nightshift of Friday/Saturday, 18/19 May 2001, a fatality occurred at a large open pit mining operation in the northern Goldfields of Western Australia. A tracked bulldozer operator suffered fatal injuries after the dozer he was operating went over... Read more

MSB No. 054 Blast initiation with safety fuse

Fuse initiation is as old as blasting, with the advent of gunpowder several centuries ago. By the decades of the sixties and seventies the product manufactured in Australia and known as Yellow Sump Safety Fuse had reached a high standard of... Read more

MSB No. 055 Potential hazards associated with mine fill

On Monday, 26 June 2000, at about 5.00pm at an underground gold mine in the northern Goldfields of Western Australia, a fill barricade at the base of a stope located towards the bottom of the mine ruptured and allowed a... Read more

MSB No. 058 Struck by ventilation doors - blast results in death

It is likely that the potential hazard of sulphide dust explosions in confined environments, particularly underground mines, may not be widely or fully understood throughout the industry. The purpose of this Bulletin is to re-iterate this hazard and to advise... Read more

MSB No. 001 Sulphide dust explosion hazard

It is likely that the potential hazard of sulphide dust explosions in confined environments, particularly underground mines, may not be widely or fully understood throughout the industry. The purpose of this Bulletin is to re-iterate this hazard and to advise... Read more

MSB No. 014 Ground support in underground mines

The inspectorate has had a long standing concern with the methods and procedures in use in the underground sector of the industry for designing and implementing ground control programmes. There is no doubt that accidents from falls of ground form... Read more

MSB No. 022 Access ladderways

In former days, prior to the advent of trackless mining, ladderways were often the only means of vertical access or movement for personnel and materials within the operating areas of underground mines. As a consequence, great effort and much skill... Read more

MSB No. 024 Air hoists as underground mine transportation

Proprietary air hoists have been used by the mining industry for lifting and lowering persons in underground mines for more than 25 years. This usage has taken place with the knowledge of manufacturers and suppliers of this equipment despite the... Read more

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