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Queensland Fatality - Prime Mover Rim Assembly Failure

What A person suffered fatal injuries while changing a dual tyre and rim assembly on a drive axle bogey of a road train prime mover. The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines have issued the following information regarding the accident.... Read more

Rigger Struck On Head By 500Kg Assembly

The sketch in this report shows a partly dismantled 30"X72" rolls crusher in a horizontal position with the top steel channel and the rolls removed from the two bearing housing assemblies. These bearing housing assemblies can slide in or out... Read more

Fatal injury to prime mover operator as rim assembly fails

What While removing a tyre and rim assembly from a drive axle bogey of an off-highway coal transport prime mover the operator suffered fatal injuries when the inner rim assembly failed and blew the outer wheel and mounting jewellery of the... Read more

Tyre Rim Assembly Blew Apart

A tyre and new rim were assembled incorrectly and inflated. Approximately two hours later the assembly blew apart, one of the components landing eighty metres away and another hitting the building supports ricocheting around the unoccupied tyre bay. ... Read more

Injury while working on Jaw Crusher Spring Assembly

A third year apprentice, assisting in the adjustment of the discharge opening of a mobile jaw crusher, was unscrewing the retaining nut on the drawback tension rod and spring assembly when the rod failed catastrophically. This caused the components to... Read more

MSB No. 036 Split rim wheel and tyre assembly

A Coronial Inquest into the death of a maintenance fitter was recently held following a fatal accident on a minesite. The fitter received multiple injuries when a split rim wheel and tyre assembly failed catastrophically whilst being fitted to a... Read more

Incorrectly Assembled Split Rims on Forklift

During an inspection of a forklift’s tyres, it was identified that incorrect bolts were used in the split rim assembly. ... Read more

Two Men Fall 2 Metres After Charge Up Basket Boom Assembly Fails

Two men fell 2 metres in the basket of a charge up truck after the boom locating pin came adrift. They were lowering themselves to the ground after completing the charging of up holes in a stope area of the... Read more

Queensland Fatality During Wheel Removal

What In February 2004, one person died and another was injured at a mine in Queensland. The two were changing wheels on a truck when a split rim became dislodged and caused the tyre to move uncontrollably. It struck one person... Read more

Steering Tie-Rod Failure in Dump Truck

What A Caterpillar CAT 785 dump truck while travelling at 5 to 10 kph lost steering control when a steering ball stud socket pulled out of its tie-rod. The operator noticed that something was wrong and managed to stop the truck... Read more

Broken Chain Connector Results in Serious Injuries

What A mine worker suffered severe head injuries when struck by section of a chain and hook assembly. Why A detailed investigation of cause and circumstances is being conducted by the Mineral Resources Investigation Unit. Recommendations All mines review all operations, which utilise chain assemblies... Read more

Articulated Water Truck Rolls Over

What An articulated water truck was engaged to provide water for road construction through a creek crossing. The truck was required to traverse a 1 in 5 exit and entry ramp to the creek crossing and it had successfully negotiated the... Read more


The fitter was taking the wheel off a Joy 10SC32B shuttle car to repair the steering assembly. He had taken off all of the wheel assembly nuts, and it seems it was difficult for him to take the wheel off... Read more

Unsafe Flameproof Enclosure Overhauled Auxiliary Fan

What An overhauled auxiliary fan was installed in a hazardous zone in a coal mine while the motor terminal enclosure was not properly flameproof. Why The parts were assembled and test run at the motor overhaul workshop because of the availability of adequate... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 162

During the removal of a roller shutter assembly from a workshop at a Western Australian mine site, a fitter working from an elevated work platform (EWP) sustained serious head injuries when he was struck by a support bracket for the... Read more

Falling Borehole Pump Causes Uncontrolled Movement of Cables and Cable Reels

A borehole pump needed to be recovered following an electrical fault. The pump was suspended from a drill rod string at approximately 450 metres down a 650 metre cased borehole. A power cable and control cable were attached to the... Read more

MSB No. 009 Off-highway mobile earth moving equipment (tyres)

The trend to replace biased (cross-ply) tyres with radial tyres, on off-highway earthmoving equipment, fitted with multi-piece rims has resulted in a relatively high incidence of rim failures due to fatigue in service. Attempts to remove a tyre/rim assembly (ie. wheel)... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 124

A self employed mine worker was fatally injured when struck by a wheel assembly he had fitted and was in the process of inflating. The assembly consisted of a 7.5 x 16 tyre and a 7.5 x 16 inner tube being... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 109

A driller was struck by a “tile box” assembly which fell from an RC Drilling Rig at a mine in the Goldfields. The “tile box” is a ceramic lined manifold assembly attached to the drill head designed to cope with... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 83

On two separate occasions split-ring tyre assemblies exploded when trucks were operating under normal conditions. The explosions resulted in components of the multi-piece rim assemblies being projected a considerable distance with the potential to cause serious or fatal injuries to... Read more

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