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Arm Caught In Machinery

An apprentice was assisting a tradesman to remove a Z-link from the bucket tilt assembly of a front end loader. The tradesmen was removing the upper Z-link pin (A) connecting the tilt cylinder. The apprentice, unbeknown to the tradesman, pushed... Read more


The operator was cleaning along conveyor walkways while the plant was operating. When he brushed some loose rock from under a transfer trough his arm was pulled in between the belt and a support idler. The trough skirt plates stopped... Read more

Hand-arm and whole-body vibration

Hand Arm Vibration (HAV; Whole Body Vibration (WBV); Exposure to vibration at work can occur in two main ways: hand-transmitted vibration (known as hand-arm vibration or HAV) and vibration transmitted through the seat or feet (known as whole-body vibration or... Read more

Tyre Handler - Fall Back Protection Arms

Problem The mining industry has incurred a number of serious incidents due to tyres falling and crushing personnel Solution Fall Back Prevention Arms Benefits Reduced risk, increased safety, low maintenance ... Read more

Torque Arm Hazards

In a recent accident, a miner was performing maintenance on a chain conveyor system when the mounting arm (torque arm) for a hydraulic motor broke loose from its anchor point. The mounting arm rotated upward, cutting through the steps on... Read more

Hand-arm vibration - Advice for employees

What is hand-arm vibration? ... Read more

Pin Stopper for PC1100 Boom Arm Pins

Problem Removal of an arm cylinder from an excavator exposes workers to undue levels of risk. Solution A mechanical stop device installed using the pre-existing pin retained mounts. Benefits Eliminates pin falling hazards, reduces workman required, eliminates awkward postures, decreases downtime, light and easy to... Read more

The tiered system of health surveillance for hand-arm vibration

A system of health surveillance proposed by HSE together with information on a new approach to managing workers affected by vibration. ... Read more

Overload Failure of a Lifting Device

A shearer ranging arm was being refitted and was supported by 3 lifting devices. A 6 tonne air winch attached to the drum end of the arm and two lever hoists (pull lifts) at the machine end, a 6 tonne... Read more

Serious Injury - Roof Bolting

What On 3 March 2008 a 39 year old production worker was operating a machine mounted drill rig when his arm became entangled in around the drill steel causing severe trauma to his arm. His arm was subsequently amputated in hospital. Why The... Read more

Investigation Report Serious injury involving roof bolter

On 3 March 2008 a 39 year old production worker was operating a machine mounted drill rig when his arm became entangled in around the drill steel causing severe trauma to his arm. His arm was subsequently amputated in hospital. The... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 92

A driller employed on an exploration rig was struck on the upper right side of his body and arm by a 3” diameter cyclone/sampler air hose which blew off its fitting above the drillers operating platform. He received serious injuries... Read more

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 46

An electrical contractor was electrocuted when he came into contact with overhead powerline conductors energised at 22000 volts. The contractor set out to replace a broken cross-arm on a power pole. Using a ladder to access the cross-arm, the contractor commenced... Read more

Mine worker crushed under rear dump tray

The rear tray of a 150 tonne truck had been reconditioned and prepared for re- installation onto the truck chassis. A large front end loader had been used to lift the tray while a purpose built wheeled structure (dolly) had... Read more

Near Miss Fluid Injection High Potential Incident

What A maintenance technician was attempting to release grease pressure from a crawler track adjuster on an excavator. The technician was struck in the arms, face and chest with pressurised grease (approx 17,236 kpa [2500 psi]). First aid personnel completed a... Read more

Serious Electric Shock Incident

What An electrical service engineer was rendered unconscious when he received multiple electric shocks and suffered burns to the head, right arm and left hand. Why The electrical service engineer had discussed the job with a site supervisor and a plan was developed... Read more

Underground Coal Mine Fatal Powered Haulage Accident Powhatan No. 6 Mine The Ohio Valley Coal Company Alledonia, Belmont County, Ohio

What A belt foreman, with over 22 years of mining experience, was fatally injured in a machinery accident. The victim was making an examination of a 54"" belt conveyor drive take-up unit while the belt conveyor was still in motion. The... Read more

Oil filled circuit breaker failure

What An electrician was attempting to operate an 11kV oil circuit breaker (OCB) that had tripped out on an earth leakage fault. The metal tank of the 11kV OCB failed and high temperature oil sprayed onto the victims arm. Why investigations are stil... Read more

Two-post light vehicle maintenance hoists

Many mines are now installing light vehicle service hoists to improve the availability of site vehicles. Typically there are two types of hoist used for this purpose: two-post and four-post. The increased installation of two-post hoists is causing concern due to... Read more

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