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Foam Suppression Systems on Mine Vehicles

This guideline is a minimum standard that applies to vehicles registered for underground use in Western Australian mines. It is also suitable for application to surface mining equipment. The Mines Safety and Inspection Regulation 10.59 (1) and (2) requires operators... Read more

Code of Practice Mobile Processing Units

This code sets out the requirements for the design, and operational management of Mobile Processing Units used in the manufacturing and blending of explosives that are used in surface and underground blasting and other explosive operations such as the onsite... Read more

AS 1576.1:2010 Scaffolding

Under Regulation 422 of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 (WA): The principal employer at, and the manager of, a mine must ensure that construction work at the mine is carried out in accordance with the applicable Australian Standards. This Standard is specified... Read more

QGN 18 Tipping near or over vertical edges in underground mining operations

This guidance note has been issued by the Mines Inspectorate of the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation. It is designed to assist underground mine operators, supervisors and management determine the safest options for tipping over vertical edges in... Read more

SB 78 Flood Recovery in Mines

Severe weather in Central Queensland can significantly disrupt mining operations. This safety bulletin serves as a reminder to all mine operators, site senior executives, contractors and service providers to consider the hazards created by the recent rains, flooding and the resultant... Read more

SB 70 Hazards of Stored Energy

In Queensland in the past five years, at least five fatal accidents in mining or mining related industries have been due to an uncontrolled release of stored energy. For cylinders containing stored pressure, the steps for controlling the risks are... Read more


This compliance code is aimed at employers, managers and the self-employed in foundries. It may also be of assistance to employees, HSRs and consultants who work in the foundry industry. It provides practical guidance on foundry specific hazards but also... Read more

Access between primary and secondary escapeways

Recent inspections of underground coal mines have revealed that in some instances, the access between the primary and secondary escapeways has been blocked by equipment and materials storage. In some cases the roadways have been blocked off with stone and... Read more

MDG 1 Guideline for Free Steered Vehicles

This guideline describes the safety requirements in the design and use of free steered vehicles. Includes specific details regarding ergonomics, protection and safety of occupants, controls (including remote control), mechanical design, and emergency systems. Testing and approval procedures are also... Read more

Geotechnical Considerations in Underground Mines

A guideline for general compliance of Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations. Using Regulation 10.28 as reference the guideline details important information related to Geotechnical concepts and considerations. Including ground control, rock strength, openings, and ground support and reinforcement. ... Read more

Geotechnical Considerations in Open Pit Mines

A guideline for the general compliance of Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations within Western Australian. Regulation 13.8 as reference information related to Geotechnical considerations. Also life of mine plan, rock support and reinforcement, pit wall design, monitoring and... Read more

Management and Prevention of Heat Stress : Guideline

This guideline discusses the regulatory framework for working in hot environments and gives examples of working situations where heat may be involved. It describes heat stress factors, effects of thermal stress on the body, methods of reducing heat stress (load),... Read more

Safety Management of Underground Combustible Sulphide Dust : Guideline

This MOSHAB approved guideline applies to underground metalliferous mines in Western Australia and recommends precautions to be taken where there is a possibility of sulphide dust ignition. It describes legislative requirements in WA and explains how sulphide dust explosions occur.... Read more

MDG 1016 Guideline for the Management of Acute Workplace Injury and Illness

This guideline provides practical advice to coal mine operators regarding first aid facilities and services at New South Wales coal mines as required under proposed legislative changes. It outlines an employers responsibility of consulting with employees, keeping information confidential and... Read more

MDG 18 Code for Air Compressors : Underground Use

This Code has been developed to assist in assessing safety aspects of air compressors for underground use at New South Wales coal mines. A large part of the Code consists of amendments to ISO 5388 applicable to underground compressors. It... Read more

MDG 1014 Guideline to Reviewing a Risk Assessment of Mine Equipment and Operations

This Guide should be read in conjunction with MDG_1010 Risk Management Handbook. It aims to provide information to assist in the review of the risk assessment process and covers essential features of a risk assessment, contents of a risk assessment... Read more

MDG 15 Guideline for Mobile and Transportable Equipment for Use in Mines

This guideline addresses the safety requirements for the design, manufacture and operation of mobile and transportable equipment used in mines. It outlines general requirements as well as requirements for design and manufacture of specific components such as brakes, conveyors, fire... Read more

Underground Loader Electrical Fault

What A diesel powered loader was driving into an underground coal mine when the headlights went out. The tail lights remained on as the loader returned to the surface. Why Cabling had become detached from its supports on the machine, and was damaged... Read more

Minerals Exploration Safety Guidance Note

A simple reference or check list of safety issues that should be considered when planning fieldwork. It will also assist exploration managers and contractors to develop their own safety programs for their particular needs. ... Read more

Electric shock from a light fitting

What A mineworker received an electric shock when his forearm made contact with a flameproof Burn Brite fluorescent light fitting (Certificate No AUS EX 424X) on a continuous miner in the hazardous zone of a coal mine. The victim was transported... Read more

Printed: 25 January, 2022.

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