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SB 40 Testing Of Conveyor Pull Wire Activated Emergency Stops

Conveyor systems are used extensively throughout the mining and quarrying industry. As with any plant, they must be subjected to regular maintenance and testing. Part of any conveyor maintenance schedule should include testing of the pull wire activated emergency stops.... Read more

AS/NZS 1873.1:2003 Power-Activated (PA) Hand-Held Fastening Tools

Under Regulation 422 of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 (WA): The principal employer at, and the manager of, a mine must ensure that construction work at the mine is carried out in accordance with the applicable Australian Standards. This Standard is specified... Read more

Explosives activities and security

What The purpose of this Bulletin is to remind all people undertaking any activity with explosives of their obligations under the Explosives Act 1999 and to advise that the management of their explosives activities and in particular explosives security should be... Read more

Material Properties Affecting the Stability of a 50-Year-Old Rock Dump in an Active Mine

Material properties affecting slope stability were measured in a large 50-year-old, partially consolidated rock dump located in an active open-pit mine. Field tests included single-ring infiltration and density. In addition, a nuclear depth-moisture gauge was used to measure water content... Read more


Some of the major activities of ATD involve project work and consultancies on the design of mining operations, plants, etc. New trends in law are to, directly or indirectly, place a responsibility on manufacturers and suppliers to cater for health... Read more


NIOSH has developed an active proximity warning system called HASARD (Hazardous Area Signaling and Ranging Device) for warning workers as they approach known dangerous areas around heavy mining equipment and other dangerous work zones. HASARD is composed of a transmitter... Read more

Mineral Exploration: Drilling and Other Field Activities Audit

Exploration Drilling Procedures Audit Checklist ... Read more

Managing Health for Field Operations in Oil and Gas Activities

What An effective health management system should be based on quality management practice and should be linked to, or embedded within a higher-level HSE of total management system governing overall operations. This linkage is critical to ensure top-down committment and to... Read more

Coal Mine Seismicity and Bumps: Historical Case Studies and Current Field Activity

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has continued the research role of the former U.S. Bureau of Mines to develop techniques that will reduce the hazards in the mining work place associated with coal bumps. Current research... Read more

Microseismic Activity Associated With a Deep Longwall Coal Mine

A deep longwall coal mine was instrumented with a three dimensional microseismic system in order to help determine the exact strata mechanics associated with the rock failure, redistribution of stress and the associated gob formation from the longwall. ... Read more

Preventing Injuries Caused by Unrecognized Stone Mine Roof Beam Failures with a Pro-Active Roof Control Plan

A safer environment for stone miners can be realised by enhancing the industrys ability to recognise and monitor hazardous ground conditions. This is necessary because 12 of the 14 underground miner fatalities in the last six years were caused by... Read more

Preventing Injuries Caused by Unrecognized Stone Mine Roof Beam Failures With a Pro-Active Roof Control Plan

Unrecognized roof beam failures resulted in 69 percent of the falls of ground injuries occurring in underground U.S. stone mines from 1990 to 1996. Field investigations at 45 underground stone mines suggest that excessive beam sag or deflection is the... Read more

Case study: Establishing the business case for investing in stress prevention activities and evaluating their impact on sickness absence levels

Case study describes the processes and interventions to improve wellbeing / quality of working life of employees, including reducing workplace stress and the level of sickness absence within the organisation. ... Read more

The Effects of Scaling Height and Scaling Bar Design on Applied Forces and Bilateral Muscle Activity of the Back and

Hand scaling is a physically demanding job and is responsible for numerous overexertion injuries in mining. This experiment studied rib scaling from an elevated bucket to examine force generation capabilities and electromyographic responses to a prying subtask. It was concluded... Read more

High Risk Activity: Use of Non-Flameproof Vehicles in Underground Coal Mines

This guidance note has been issued by NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) to assist industry in fulfilling its statutory obligations as outlined in the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 2002 and Coal Mine Health and Safety Regulation... Read more

SB 79 Activities on Narrow Benches at Mines and Quarries

In the past few years, a fatality and several high potential incidents have involved persons driving or falling over the edge of excavations at mines and quarries.  These incidents involved a variety of equipment performing different tasks at different locations. ... Read more

Isolation and Tag-Out Procedures : Guideline

Isolation of plant may be necessary to facilitate activities such as maintenance, installation, inspection, testing and cleaning. This MOSHAB approved guideline describes the use of personal danger tags and equipment out of service tags. A description of each type of... Read more

Code of Practice for Mineral Exploration

The code applies to all Crown and private land within the State of Victoria where exploration activities are permitted under exploration or mining licences. It does... Read more

Nitrogen Charging Chuck Adaptation

Problem As part of a routine maintenance service on haul trucks, the brake accumulators pressure is measured and recharged (if required). The measurement and charging of pressures of up to 1500 PSI is conducted using a fitting similar to a car... Read more

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