Task or Environmental Conditions

Task or Environmental Conditions

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LTA = 'Less than adequate'.

ICAM Factors

LTA pressure control 44
LTA equipment integrity 24
LTA competence/experience/skill for the task 23
Temperature 23
LTA task planning/preparation 19
LTA hazard analysis 15
LTA work procedures 11
Congestion/restriction/access 10
Complacency/motivation/attitude 8
LTA tools/ equipment / materials (condition/availability/ suitability) 7
LTA surface gradients/conditions 5
Abnormal. Op. situation/condition 2
Chemical 2
LTA condition of equipment 1
Non-routine task 1
LTA housekeeping 1
Fatigue 1
LTA routine/ non routine task 1
Wet/ damp tyre 1
Distraction/preoccupation 1
LTA lighting 1

LTA = 'Less than adequate'.

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