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Less than adequate Hazard Identification

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LTA = 'Less than adequate'.

Root & Contributing Causes

LTA matching of assembly components. 9
LTA material testing/fatigue NDT 9
Heating of wheel assembly or wheel studs 8
LTA deflation practice. 8
LTA rim integrity 8
Uncontrolled handling of tyre (LTA grip). 7
No NDT schedule 6
Contact with Powerline 5
LTA positioning of crane operator. 5
LTA procedure 4
Confined working environment. 3
Incorrect jacking 3
LTA training /competency 3
Tyre environment - severe conditions causing tyre failure 3
Failure of tyre or tube repair. 2
LTA / No support equipment other than jacks 2
LTA chocking of vehicle 2
LTA communication between work teams. 2
LTA tooling 2
Overpressurisation of tyre or rim 2
Seized or overheated brake, overheated electric motor 2
Use of chemical tyre sealant/propellant/hot work. 2
Abnormal operating conditions. 1
Crane not stabilized. 1
Driving without due care 1
Electrical /mechanical equipment fault. 1
Equipment in transport not secured 1
Failure of high pressure oil line 1
Fitted assemblies received but not checked for integrity. 1
Inadequate torque 1
Incorrect installation of cranage controls. 1
Inflation using oxygen. 1
LTA dismantling of 2 piece industrial rim. 1
LTA fitment ? insufficient cleaning of mating surfaces. 1
LTA jack design 1
LTA operational prestart inspection - tyre & rims. 1
N/A 1
Tramp material left in tyre cavity. 1
Tyre low pressures (under inflation) causing the rim integrity to be compromised. 1
Uncertified lifting equipment 1
Use of unsuitable equipment to handle tyre. 1

LTA = 'Less than adequate'.

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