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80Operator’s Hands Injured In Conveyor At Quarry

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Brief Description of Incident/Accident & Description of Consequences/Outcomes:

INCIDENT The operator of a crushing and screening plant at a quarry sustained major hand injuries and amputation of two-and-a-half fingers when his hands were caught under the head drum of a moving conveyor.

CIRCUMSTANCES The operator attempted to free a blockage in a transfer chute with a steel bar while the plant was still running. He climbed up an aluminium ladder to the chute and, while barring the material in the chute, miscued and jammed the bar in the gap between the head drum of the conveyor feeding the chute and the top of the chute. The conveyor pulled the bar and the operator’s gloves into the gap. He was left standing on the ladder with his hands caught under the revolving conveyor and all he could do was shake his head to attract attention as his voice couldn’t be heard above the noise of the plant. He was finally noticed by the operator of a passing front end loader who was able to initiate his rescue. The injured person is undergoing extensive operations to both hands.

Energy Type(s) Involved:

Entrapment of person in conveyor

Equipment Type(s):

Conveyor Belt Headdrum

Root & Contributing Cause(s):

LTA awareness

LTA hazard identification

LTA isolation of plant

LTA positioning of body

LTA work method

Stated or Potential Consequence(s):

Potential Fatality

Serious Injury

Preventative/Recommended/Accepted Steps of Risk Mitigation, Points of Interest:

1. Ensure all employees have been trained within the last 12 months in the need to isolate machinery before attempting to carry out any work in the vicinity of moving machinery. Retrain employees without such recent isolation training.

2. Review isolation procedures for crushing and screening plants to ensure that safe procedures to address clearance of blockages exist and the requirement to stop plant and isolate it where people must work on it is clearly stated.

3. Direct supervisors to regularly observe and enforce compliance with isolation procedures.

4. Apply risk management to crushing and screening plant design to identify and eliminate blockages where possible by engineering solutions.


New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Minerals and Petroleum


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Reference Type:

Mine Safety Report #SA06-21

Mine Type:

Surface Mine


Potential & Kinetic - Mechanical > Moving machine part(s)





Australia, New South Wales

ICAM Categories

Organisational Factors


Task or Environmental Conditions


Individual or Team Actions

• LTA awareness

• LTA hazard identification

• LTA isolation

• LTA work method

Failed or Absent Defences


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