ICAM Factor Matrix

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Detailed Factors
Deliberate breach of safety defences
Deliberate breach of safety guards
LTA adherence to safe system of work
LTA authorisation
LTA awareness
LTA barriers
LTA brake systems
LTA bunding
LTA commissioning procedures
LTA communication
LTA compatibility
LTA competency
LTA compliance with electrical standards
LTA contract management
LTA design
LTA detection systems
LTA edge protection
LTA emergency response
LTA equipment
LTA equipment design
LTA equipment integrity
LTA equipment use
LTA fall protection
LTA first aid
LTA ground conditions
LTA guarding
LTA guarding of worksite
LTA hardware
LTA hardware design
LTA hazard analysis/job safety analysis
LTA hazard identification
LTA induction
LTA infrastructure design
LTA inspection
LTA installation
LTA interlock
LTA interlock on cabinet door
LTA investigation of prior incidents
LTA isolation
LTA isolation hardware
LTA isolation procedure
LTA labelling
LTA lighting
LTA maintenance
LTA maintenance management
LTA maintenance procedures
LTA NDT testing
LTA parkup
LTA parkup area
LTA Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
LTA pre-start
LTA pressure control
LTA procedure
LTA procurement
LTA protection
LTA protection system
LTA risk assessment
LTA safety device operation
LTA safety prop
LTA safety valving
LTA safety warnings
LTA site design
LTA site familiarity
LTA Standard Work Procedures (SWP)
LTA supervision
LTA surface gradient
LTA task planning
LTA testing
LTA testing equipment
LTA training
LTA use of restraining device
LTA use of safety device
LTA vehicle proximity control
LTA warning device
LTA work method
LTA work procedure
LTA work procedure availability

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