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Safety Bulletins

Safety Bulletins are issued by the Department of Mining and Petroleum at regular interval. These documents focus on recent safety and health occurences.

There are a total of 96 documents from 7 organisations within this category.

Organisations and Documents

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Department of Commerce- Western Australia

MSB No. 080 Asbestos - imported gaskets containing asbestos
MSB No. 081 Unattended vehicles rolling away

Department of Consumer and Employment Protection

MSB No. 073 Loss of control on highway-type vehicles
MSB No. 075 Fire and explosion in a working party magazine
MSB No. 076 Use of explosive mortar devices
MSB No. 078 Explosive mortar devices for bringing down hang-ups
MSB No. 079 Cyclone emergency preparation, planning, preparedness
MSB No. 082 Emergency Management Act 2005
MSB No. 074 Explosive gases associated with mining

Department of Industry and Resources

MSB No. 023 Manual metal arc welding - electrical safety
MSB No. 069 Slope stability in open cut operations
MSB No. 068 Death of dozer driver - coronial finding
MSB No. 072 Loss of control LME on gradients
MSB No. 071 Booster compressor explosions - RC drilling
MSB No. 070 Franna mobile cranes- uncontrolled movement

Department of Mineral and Petroleum Resources

MSB No. 067 Open pit scaling
MSB No. 065 Design and operation of dredges on ponds

Department of Minerals and Energy Western Australia

MSB No. 049 Use of compressed air for cleaning purposes
MSB No. 048 Unloading service vehicles on minesites
MSB No. 047 Rockfall - potential serious injury
MSB No. 046 Lightning - hazards and safeguards
MSB No. 045 Two post vehicle hoists - unsuitable vehicles to lift
MSB No. 044 Radio-frequency energy - hazards and safeguards
MSB No. 043 Structural safety of buildings and plant
MSB No. 042 Airhoists as personnel transport - underground mines
MSB No. 041 Death of mine surveyor in rockfall
MSB No. 040 Induction training and assessment - competency
MSB No. 039 Vertical opening development in underground mines
MSB No. 038 Use of remote control mobile plant in underground mines
MSB No. 037 Shiftwork and rostering practices
MSB No. 036 Split rim wheel and tyre assembly
MSB No. 035 Underground rockfalls - geotechnical considerations
MSB No. 034 Retrofitting ROPS to mobile mine equipment - Reg 4.15
MSB No. 033 Seatbelts and anchorages for vehicles on mines
MSB No. 032 Millennium bug - safety and health implications
MSB No. 031 Accident and incident performance - drilling industry
MSB No. 030 Ingress of water into electrical equipment
MSB No. 029 Rock stress factors in mine design and operation
MSB No. 028 Rollover protection - surface earth moving machinery
MSB No. 027 Diamond drillers intersecting hazardous gases
MSB No. 026 Service pipe ranges
MSB No. 025 Rockbolt failures underground
MSB No. 024 Air hoists as underground mine transportation
MSB No. 022 Access ladderways
MSB No. 020 Restraints in heavy earthmoving equipment
MSB No. 019 Scaling and rockbolting
MSB No. 018 Operating Practice with drill jumbos
MSB No. 017 Use bucket of loader as EWP underground
MSB No. 016 Hazard - inert gases in mining industrial processes
MSB No. 015 Re-entry after blasting
MSB No. 014 Ground support in underground mines
MSB No. 013 Injuries through opening enclosed systems
MSB No. 012 Effects of tiredness drugs and alcohol
MSB No. 011 Forklifts - access ramps to road haulage trucks
MSB No. 009 Off-highway mobile earth moving equipment (tyres)
MSB No. 021 Surface drill rigs - protection from rotating parts
MSB No. 008 Recharging of fixed fire suppression systems
Earthing of anfo loaders used underground (re-issued)
MSB No. 006 Formation of hydrogen gas from silicon metal
MSB No. 058 Struck by ventilation doors - blast results in death
MSB No. 057 Mine surveying - risks and loss
MSB No. 056 Mining industry electrical accidents
MSB No. 055 Potential hazards associated with mine fill
MSB No. 055 Potential hazards associated with mine fill
MSB No. 054 Blast initiation with safety fuse
MSB No. 054 Blast initiation with safety fuse
MSB No. 053 Particulate emissions low sulphur diesel and health
MSB No. 053 Particulate emissions low sulphur diesel and health
MSB No. 052 Operation of water trucks in open pit mines(quarries)
MSB No. 051 Overhead powerlines
MSB No. 050 Crushed by mesh sheets - fatal accident
MSB No. 063 Dozer safety in open cut operations
MSB No. 062 Hazards of collapsing ground in mining operations
MSB No. 061 Precautions for the use of the gig rising
MSB No. 060 Lightning strikes - managing the risks
MSB No. 059 Hazards from falling rock in Alimak and gig rising
MSB No. 077 Use of telehandlers

Department of Mines and Petroleum

MSB No. 010 Fires on light 4wd vehicles
MSB No. 064 Safety issues associated with hydraulic backfill
MSB No. 097 Earthing of ANFO loaders used underground (re-issued)
MSB No. 085 Mobile equipment contact with high-voltage overhead powerlines
MSB No. 086 Death of an airleg miner in a rockfall - Coroner's comment and recommendation
MSB No. 087 Excavating near cables buried in the ground
MSB No. 088 Electric shocks from welding equipment
MSB No. 089 Earth-moving equipment tyres and use of tyre handling machinery
MSB No. 090 Total fire bans and implications for mining
MSB No. 091 Use of wooden blocks to support earthmoving equipment
MSB No. 092 Condensation-induced water hammer events - potential consequences
MSB No. 093 Lowering and raising of bottom guards on dozers - fatal accidents
MSB No. 094 Use of contact cleaning agents
MSB No. 095 Ventilation standards in underground mines

Department of Mines Western Australia

MSB No. 005 Annual road closures on mining tenements
MSB No. 004 Charging of holes where mechanised jumbos are used
MSB No. 003 Vertical opening safety practice
MSB No. 002 Emergency stops and PLCs
MSB No. 001 Sulphide dust explosion hazard

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