TYREgate: Earthmover Tyres & Rims Risk Management Decision Support Tool

TYREgate is an Earthmover Tyres and Rims Risk Management Decision Support Tool that allows you to analyse a large and diverse range of tyre and rim related incidents and accidents, in ‘real time’. Results are presented in a range on intuitive graphical formats and reports.

Tyres, rims and wheel assemblies are safety critical items which must be maintained and operated correctly to provide a safe working environment.

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Using the ICAM Model

The ICAM methodology provides the following logic towards incident and accident causation and supports the notion that most incidents and accidents are caused rarely by a single act or condition, but rather by a number of factors working together.

There are a number of ways TYREgate presents this ICAM methodology to allowing comprehensive risk management information in an easy-to-digest fashion.

Simple 3-Click Search

The 3-Click search allows you to access relevant search results, including TYREgate Checklist, recommendations and related EMESRT Tires & Rims Design Philosophy.

4 step process

• Select the ICAM Category

• Select the relevant section

• Select the root cause

• View the results

'3-Click' Search

The TYREgate '3-click' search can help provide meaningful and structured solutions to tyre related issues.

ICAM Categories

Organisational Factors

The underlying organisational factors that produce the conditions leading to the incident.

Task or Environmental Conditions

The conditions in existence immediately prior to, or at the time of the incident.

Individual or Team Actions

The errors from personnel that led directly to the incident.

Failed or Absent Defences

Inadequate or absent defences that failed to detect and protect the system against technical and human failures.

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