About ISOLgate

ISOLgate is a new Causal Factors Database within MIRMgate (Minerals Industry Risk Management Gateway). It provides information, potential solutions and opportunities to improve safety of isolation maintenance and use of isolation equipment at any mine site, or related operation or service. In contrast to other databases, it offers information and background on isolation related accidents and incidents and what mitigative steps have been taken to reduce the risks that led to the mishap. The latter is considered of high priority and value to safety and risk managers on mine sites, maintenance and operations personnel, manufacturers of isolation equipment, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and isolation service providers that are proactively searching for sound advice to advance safety through isolation usage.

ISOLgate offers a comprehensive search database covering iso related accidents that have been categorized using the Incident Cause Analysis Method) (ICAM).

ISOLgate establishment is funded by the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP).

'3 Click' Search Process

The '3 Click' Search is one of the innovative features of ISOLgate. Within 3 clicks, users are taken through a series of graphs displaying the key causal and contributing factors of tyres and rims related accidents and incidents in real time leading to a search results and ‘Checklists’ by answering the following questions:
What are my major risk factors? (Click 1)
Where can I find the cause of these factors? (Click 2)
Why did these specific accidents occur? (Click 3)
How can I mitigate the risks at my own operation? (ISOLgate Checklists)

What is a 'ISOLgate Checklist'?

The ‘ISOLgate Checklist’ contains Root and Contributing Cause(s) and Preventative, Recommended and Accepted steps of risk mitigation, points of interest and information relevant to specific incidents. They consist of three sections as follows:
      a. Root and contributing factors
      b. Preventative / Recommended / Accepted Steps of Risk Mitigation, Points of Interest
      c. Site comments

'ISOLgate Checklists' are dynamically created and the users are able to print these Checklists and take them to the site or boardroom and able to discuss where the major risks might occur and how to prevent them from causing accidents. The Checklists are designed to assist the users to identify if issues and industry adopted solutions exist within their workplace.

How to access the Checklists?

Access to checklist is gained through the graphs by clicking on relevant categories and factors or browsing by root cause, consequence and risks found on the left hand side of the ISOLgate homepage. The graphs produce search results containing incident checklists under the EMESRT risk ID. The checklists can also be accessed using keyword search. Each search result contains a pdf checklist link.

More information can be found in the ISOLgate usage guide.

Direct Link to the EMESRT Isolation Design Philosophy

The search results also contain a direct link to the EMESRT risks related to isolation.

'3-Click' Search

The ISOLgate '3-click' search can help provide meaningful and structured solutions to tyre related issues.

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