Report: APP CMHS Project 4

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8.1.2. APPgate and Sitemap

A web-based portal, APPgate, has been developed to provide easy access to the information of this project for all partner countries and interested mining companies and organisations. The APPgate is accessed through a web-based system MIRMgate – Minerals Industry Risk Management Gateway.

The screen shot below (Figure 17) indicates some of the navigation and functional aspects of the gateway. Access can be provided to documents and other web-sites that will take the researcher to other websites of interest. There is also scope to link with documents and information that will be contained within MIRMgate that are of specific interest to APP partner countries and mining operations.

Figure 17 APPgate portal screen

The intent of MISHC for provision and validation of resources that will be provided within each gateway is that the portal owner will be responsible for all content and documents accessible by their particular site. MISHC will take no responsibility for the validity or content of information that is not provided under the direct MIRMgate portal. It is intended that portals such as APPgate will have direct access to information that is contained within MIRMgate and other listed existing and future gateways. However, preferential access or tagging of information for specific APPgate priority or access will have to be done as an add-on feature for respective information that is to be accessible via APPgate.

The APPgate will be accessible upon the approval by Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

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