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8.1.1. MIRMgate

MIRMgate (Minerals Industry Risk Management Gateway) is a minerals industry based web portal established at the University of Queensland’s Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre (

Its primary design and purpose is to collate and present minerals industry specific information in a readily accessible format with some grouping by content and assessment of quality of content.

MIRMgate is currently undergoing significant revision to:

  • update the look and feel of the site – increase functionality, give a more modern operational platform and improve operability of the pages

  • increase the number of available gateways – a number of mining related organisations are in the process of establishing specific gateways on the MIRMgate front page for direct access to significant bodies of information, such as legislative compliance information, projects such as the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table and Tyre Management

  • reduce some of the burden of verification of data provided on the site and remove some of the constraints to adding documents to the website – currently a labour intensive task of reading, categorising, validating and loading documents. Verification of documents for the revised website will be the responsibility of the individual sponsoring entities and the validation process will be reduced in the interests of expediency and access.

The future portal entry will look similar to that illustrated below (Figure 16) and has a number of additional gateways that are being established for aligned mining organisations.

Figure 16 New MIRMgate portal showing potential APPgateway access

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