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6.3.5. Crisis Management

A crisis management plan is required for every coal mine in China and the plan reviewed according to site specific circumstances, as specified in Mine Safety Act 1992 and Coal Mine Safety Regulation:

Safe evacuation of mine personnel is the basic aim in crisis management. A generic crisis management plan may contain:

  • Management group, structure, role and responsibility, contact details, etc.
    The management group takes full responsibility for crisis management, and is chaired by the mine manager. The group consists of a number of teams, including coordination team, rescue team, technical team, medical team, logistics team, etc

  • Conditions of potential hazard sites

  • Measures to be taken for evacuation of mine personnel in case of crisis

  • Other necessary measures to be taken to manage the crisis

  • Attachments of relevant information such as mine plans, ventilation system, electrical supply, compressed air supply, water supply, grouting system, etc.

The plan should also include specific measures to manage specific events such as fire, explosion, outbursts of coal and gas, roof fall, water inrush, mechanical and electrical related. The plan should be reviewed with changing mine schedules, change of ventilation, etc.

The Regulation specifies that mine manager is responsible for implementation of the plan.

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