Report: APP CMHS Project 4

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6.2.1. Protective Equipment

Self contained self rescuers (SCSR) are required to be carried by all underground personnel and are usually CSE brand units with a rated 100minute capability. These are normally provided with goggles that will aid visibility in the presence of smoke or carbon dioxide. Directional lines in escape-ways are also required. Previous requirements were for a monoxide filter and Oxygen generating SCSRs were originally provided in Alberta as part of an acceptance for alternative procedures to the refuge station requirement.

Refuge chambers are provided for the purpose of either a safe haven for changing to a fresh SCSR unit; or if escape is impeded, or personnel are injured and unable to continue, they provide protection and services for longer residence. These are typically used as refuges, when escape is not possible and workers must await rescue by trained mines rescue personnel. Provisions in these chambers usually include: fresh air supply, food, water, blankets and first aid supplies.

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